Pray BFF Letter #193

Saturday, July 9, 2011
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It's Hot Here

Dear Prayer Partners,

Tickets bought!

BurmaTickets for Burma (Sept. 4-20) have been purchased! This route seems a bit easier on the body than last year's. I end up in the right places at the right times. It was interesting to visit the great Singapore airport but the 6 early morning hours were difficult.

We started with $2,500 and are praying for the remaining $6,000.

Yesterday, I mailed my visa. Please pray that speedy approval without any hitches. Click here to get a feel of what the trip will be like – Lord willing.

The New Discipleship Tutorial Video

Did you ever try to turn the volume down with 7 kids and sometimes grandkids at home? Fortunately, most of the videos I am making are short. I close up my study to keep outside noise out. I quickly open up the room once the video is recorded. My home office has been quite hot during the production of these many videos (discipleship and Bengali). I think I have completed 26 discipleship videos now, two full chapters.

Onto chapter three! While I am producing the videos, I am creating a tutorial workbook. Lots of work. At least it requires many different skills so it is not monotonous. Concentration is needed for most of the writing and editing, whether video or writing. I get tired from my intensive 10-12 hour days.

downStill awaiting a miracle

Several months ago I mentioned how pages viewed on the website have been reduced. They are still going down, now to less than 50% of what it was. Please pray for some wisdom or miracle to bring it back up.

Part of our goal is wide distribution. It appears it is largely Google that is not utilizing (prioritizing) the BFF website as it was. We haven't changed anything. I have spent quite a few hours tinkering around with this. Pray that we get back up to 12,000 page views a day.



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