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Saturday, June 4, 2011
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Troubles and Blessings

Dear Prayer Partners,

A bump in the road

Since the beginning of the ministry nothing seemed so painful as accidentally eliminating our BFF Prayer Partner list. The most recent listing I could recover was from 2006 but even many of those email addresses have changed.

Ministry without prayer will go nowhere. And if I cannot communicate with our prayer partners, then our success is limited.

However, BFF ministry continues to push into the frontiers of God's kingdom work. The recent visit to Uganda and Ethiopia, shows us what God has been doing there in the last 20 years. There are incredible needs for training the Christian leaders (and obviously for the church). There is, at the same time, great opposition.

We are in serious need of your faithful prayers and support. If you are receiving this letter, you are already signed up. Many just can't figure out how to do that. They figure the invitation shows they are on the list. Please pray urgently that our prayer team will be reestablished.

As I make plans for Myanmar, I will need more prayers, not less. May God give us an even stronger prayer team than before. And thank you for your participation in this ministry. It is so encouraging!

The Luganda video training Libraries for Uganda

We praise God that we were able to finish the training audio/videos for the Luganda language. The resources are posted on the web. Some people wonder what good it is to post videos on the web. Here are a few reasons (besides being a backup!).

First, we send free content Libraries around the world to full-time ministers with access to a computer. Luganda DVDsEven without web access, they can view and show others the videos right off their computers (or Library players with modification). This information can then be copied as needed.

Yes, often their web connections are not strong enough for video, but the leaders of the bigger churches do have access to a computer even at a web cafe shop.

Secondly, this world is changing. Though few around the world have 'smart' cell phones that can show videos, they are increasing in popularity and will decrease in price. Many Christian leaders in the third world already have cell phones. They are much cheaper there. Landlines are rare. Smart cell phones are replacing the need of a desktop computer.

BFF ministry must stay a step ahead technologically of the needs of God's workers in order to maximize the opportunity when it comes. Another side point. Some people, including missionaries or visitors to the USA, get the Libraries here and bring them back with them.

Opportunities around the worldOpportunities´┐╝Around the World

The BFF ministry is like a snake in tall grass. One cannot quite figure out where it is, but it seems everywhere. One person recently requested thefree materials (there is 8 gb of information on this Library) so that they could reference the material in their radio ministry.

"I am from Tanzania. I'm a Global Recordings Network Regional Language Tracking Assistant for Africa. I hope I can get your training materials "Library" that I believe will be blessing for me and my Ministries in African Countries. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon."

As I said, we need fervent prayer so that God can use these BFF materials to strengthen His people around the world to help them finish His great work! He also wants our Swahili audio/videos.




Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

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