Pray BFF Letter #164

Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Looking Ahead to 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are so grateful for your faithfulness in lifting us as a family and ministry before the Lord year after year. We need His grace to overflow in our own lives before it can benefit those to whom we minister. We encourage you to continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord's hand in the expansion of this ministry.

Suggestion: Pray for us when doing a daily task: (washing dishes, folding clothes, coming home from work, etc).

Raising the Goal to 3 Million

We are thankful to the Lord for granting us 2 1/4 million page views in 2009. Early each new year, I prayerfully consider what goal He wants us to set for the new year. We have set a new goal of 3 million page views a day (not hits which are many more). The increase is significant. It will not be accomplished without prayer, producing and tinkering.

Paul is doing a lot of tinkering lately. Some web pages were written eight years ago and are ancient though functional. One series could not even be found by Google search because the coding was so old. Pray for 8,300 pages to be read each day.

Getting Hot

One recently updated page is the BFF Store Resource page. It took Paul a week because there were many other associated pages that needed to be created. It was desperately outdated. The response has been great. Praise God! Visit us!

Moving Around the World

We are extending the pastor/leader training seminars to more places. Right now we are finishing plans for 3-4 seminars in Africa. There is a desperate need for discipleship and family/marriage training.

Although a final budget is not yet firm, it will probably be about $8-$9,000 depending on whether or not we hold a short training in a second country. Please pray with us as we see the LORD raise this amount for building up Christ's church around the world.




In Christ's Majestic Love,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Phone: (+01) 412-398-4559
3276 Bainton St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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