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Satruday, September , 2009

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In India Prayer Notes

Dear Support Team,

Dear Prayer Team,
Here are four prayer notices sent while in India.

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Date: September 16th 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Pastor J. told me that originally when planning the seminar he was about to book one place but decided not to. The whole place was recently flooded when the dam was released. The hotel is now flattened. Wow! God answers prayers in many ways. He moved it to the other section of the city that is not flooded.

I am about off via local train from Calcutta to outside the city for the first seminar. Many pastors are coming from flooded areas. They need to take bus and then boat to cross flooded areas and then bus again. Pastor J. wants me to experience some things from the local trains. He used to beg when small to support his blind dad after they left Bangladesh because of persecution. He and his dad used to travel on the trains to beg. He has a great compassionate heart and I can learn a lot from him. Yesterday we visited Mother Teresa's work and saw the many children that are cared for.

We are seeking God to greatly bless the hearts of these pastors. Pastor J. was saying that one great need is to help many of these pastors by raising their income through diversifying their crops. (many are farmers). They can be hit hard with big flux in markets.

I might have picked up some infection in my eyes. I just realized it when looking at the monitor of this computer and realized that since I woke up at 3:30 am that I have not been able to see too clearly. I earlier thought it was because of the hour but it is 9:30 am now!

Anyway, my stomach is feeling better and looking forward to sharing the word of God. I start speaking tonight.

May God raise a mighty army from the Bengali people!

In the Lord's Great Love,

Paul Bucknell

Date: September 19th 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

greetings from India!
The lord has been doing wonderful things here. so many moving testimonies as to how the seminar has changed their thinking, freed them from heart issues and going to change the way they do ministry. We thank the lord for your prayers at this time. we really sensed His presence during the middle of puja worship festivals.

Do keep praying. Although the seminar went well, pastor j. and i had about 7 things go wrong; both eye infections (me - thankfully better with medicine), my computer for taping when haywire. some sessions missed. something is wrong with the computer or system. My electric shaver won't work. I had to preach with a good day's beard. my camera died on me. Pastor J.'s train ticket tonight had another person's name put on his ticket. pray that he can go on the train. the evil one is at work but god is marvelously blessing.

tonight we travel north. I need to preach to two congregations tomorrow. Not really ready at all. we leave for one train now (slow train) and then fast sleeper train overnight tonight. We arrive just before i speak in the morning.

Thanks again for your prayers. hot but really blessed.
In Christ's great mercy,

Brother Paul Bucknell
biblical foundations for freedom

Date: September 23rd 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for your prayers. These days are hard but joyful. It is the first time I am speaking 5 one and half to two hour messages. My body is constant sweat under the tin roof despite the fans. My bottle of water is hot! Fortunately, it cools down here at night.

The response has been very good to the "Reaching Beyond Mediocrity" series. It goes deep in causing people to move forward in their Christian lives and we are seeing it happen. What an honor to be used of the Lord in such a fashion.

There are three more messages and I leave tomorrow afternoon for the airport. All is well. I just have had very little time with internet connection. Do pray that as we close we will see that the Lord will move all the 120 Christian leaders into a full pursuit of the Living God.

Thanks for joining me in establishing the Bengali church (only less than half of one percent are Christians).

In Christ's Love,

Paul Bucknell

Date: September 26th 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praise God for a safe trip home. I am a bit dozy but feeling well. Linda wondered whether I would come back with a beard but I have been using the razor blades I asked someone to buy for me. My eyes are better since using the eye medicine. Praise God it happened in a big city. We picked the medicine up just before going out into the remote area.

The second seminar ended with a testimony time and prayer for dedication. People like popcorn sprung out of their seats to give testimonies on how the seminar helped them. I will send a more detailed report next week. During dedication around 20 people came up front to give themselves to the Lord and rededicate their lives and ministries to the Lord.

Two former pastors came by the lunch table. Pastor J. translated their conversation like this. One had a B.Th. and the other a M.Div. They both tried church planting but not very successful and went back into a regular job. They said that this seminar came upon them like a huge rock (in a positive way to move them). They were humbled and grateful.

Thank you again for joining in with your prayers and financial support. This is just the beginning of what God is doing. Do keep praying for the changes that people make in their lives.

In the Lord's gracious love,

Paul J. Bucknell


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