Pray BFF Letter #157

Satruday, September 12, 2009

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Get ready! Get set! Go!

Dear Support Team,

Amazingly, God has again provided for this trip's finances. And we want to thank you because it is you who are willing to be part of God's great work. The finances, however, are just the preliminaries. The most important part is to come - the training.

Each trip is important.

Each seminar is significant.

Each message is life-changing.

God's provision is a reminder: as we continue to pray, God will continue to work. In order to encourage you to pray, here is a simple calendar. This trip is a day short of two weeks but is very, very intensive. Right now I expect to speak 25 times. There will only be two repeat messages. I will constantly need to be preparing for the next several messages.

I am exhausted! We printed nearly 3,000 pages yesterday and many more hundreds today. Fortunately, some of my children help in the assembling process of those many pages. (I will not take all these printed materials with me.) Almost ready to go.

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Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Biblical Foundations for Freedom, President & Instructor


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