Pray BFF #94                                  July 25th, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,

Heart Matters

We are grateful for how the Lord has been helping us fine to tune our crazy schedules He has kept us in His peace. Linda and I do not only want to coordinate schedules but also to maintain the close tie of heart so that things do not preoccupy our minds. We don't want interference in our relationship with God, with each other or with our children. That kind of frazzled life can quickly bring trouble. We desire and embrace the peace that is from God which is not like the peace which the world gives. These upcoming months with a wedding, ministry and the India trip will hopefully be showcases of God's peace deep at work in our hearts.

India Plans

Deadlines are fast approaching, for Pastor Stephen (in India) and Paul. Thanks for your prayers! We have seen some key pieces of the puzzle work together just in the last few days. An experienced missionary resident in India wrote wanting to use BFF materials in teaching in several Indian languages. It just so happens that he lives in the city that Paul goes through to enter India! This seems to be the special way God does things. The Lord also opened the door for some ministry in Singapore on the return trip from India. These things provide the details that are needed to make flight reservations. We have also given Pastor Stephen the outline for the messages so that he can create a brochure. It will be in two languages. It seems that Paul will go to India by himself this year. 

Production Time

Paul can't keep track of all the materials coming in and being published on the web.  In the last prayer letter, we mentioned an article calling Christians to be committed to the church. That is now on the web.  Recently, Paul has been preaching on Titus (which is the Bible book our Oakland International Fellowship is preaching through).  Interestingly, this book has the same theme as the article. These Titus articles are put on the web. Paul has also put  the series on restoring our teens up on the web. A series on training cell group leaders is now on the web. And lastly, the culmination of many messages, our Book of Joshua series with 40+ web pages is also up on the web. (The Powerpoints also are online right now with lots of maps and charts, if you are interested). The 60 hour curriculum for men that Paul has been asked to prepare for the Spanish world is almost done. Unfinished projects

All along the top of Paul's monitor run folders of unfinished projects. May God give grace to finishing what has been started; praise to Him for what has been accomplished. It is awesome to watch what He is doing!

Thanks to God

Praise God for His grace in preaching in the last two weeks. Paul is grateful for Matt, a teacher in training, who took one of Paul's training classes. He did a great job!

God is so awesome! He has strengthened us to web publish many articles in the last week.

The recovery of our daughter's lost purse with all her stuff intact!

Pray for the special appointment with Rev. James in Chennai, India (see above). 

Linda had a great time (with others from our family) helping in Vacation Bible School. She would appreciate prayer for making right decisions for the Children's Ministry that she is now coordinating.

We thank the Lord for taking care of our financial needs for these six years since Paul left a regular income. Each day, week, month and year have been testimony to how God can take care of a family of ten and an international ministry. Whether it is a new baby, broken down car, trip to India or wedding, He is able to provide. Praise Him!

Requests to God

In the next ten days final plans, plane tickets, India prayer letter and handouts for the actual messages must be finished. Pastor Stephen is still busy organizing several aspects there in India. Paul would rather write a sermon than make plane reservations (it is tedious timing in and out of India). 

Pray for heart peace (God's peace) for Paul and Linda in these next weeks before the wedding. (Also safety as Paul works around the house getting things ready).

Paul will be teaching in the next couple weeks, both parenting classes (3 left) and Sunday training. 

We are seeking to get away as a family after the wedding sometime ( or perhaps after India).

  'Biblical Parenting Principles for Toddlers and Up' should be print published before the documentary comes out (after August). Pray for this. The advantage to outside publishing is that it can be printed, sold and shipped (much cheaper) in different locales (such as UK). 

Someone has asked us to write an article on how/why to have your children join their parents in worship service. Due this week.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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