Pray BFF #80                                  August 31, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

God is Awesome!

AMAZING!!!!!!!! God is SO, SO, SO Good!!!!!!!! Praise HIS AWESOME NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

God has done it again! Miracles are so rarely observed in this world that we ought to be very excited when we see one. The full provision for the trip to India is just that. But this is the fruit of people all around the world praying and giving together. God is mightily moving on this earth. 

Our perspective must go far beyond special financial provisions, however. The greater things are yet to come. We might sense a weakness of the church in the West, but in China, India and other places God is doing great things. We are thankful for this opportunity to step into God's great work. 

We will arrive in India next Wednesday September 7th and then run full steam ahead. We need your prayers. God wants to do a great work.

  • Srikakulam Sept. 8-10 (Thursday - Saturday)
  • Visakhapatnam Sept. 12-14 (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Vizianagaram Sept. 15-17 (Thursday - Saturday)
  • Orissa Sept. 19-20 (Monday - Tuesday)

Pastor Stephen, the volunteer Indian national BFF coordinator, says this,

The response is very good in this year. I think that people will attend more then 200 for each seminar. We are praying and expecting great revival and the spirit of renewing might took place in all the seminars.

So do actively join in praying for travel (4 days to get there!), for stamina, the power of the Holy Spirit and good restoration.  And keep our families at home in your prayers!

Most importantly, pray that the Gospel might go forth mightily as a result of these seminars. From looking at last year's participants, the average pastor had a congregational size of 60. Multiply that by 200 and you begin to get a feel for the impact that each seminar can make. Then add the great numbers of unreached groups  surrounding each of these areas and then one begins to see the scope for these 4 seminars on 'The Making of a Godly Leader' centered around Isaiah 53. 

(The August 19th editiion India 2005 report is ready with pictures.)

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God that full support has come in! It is wonderful to see how we can be a blessing to God's church there in India.

Paul is thankful for safety in a close call with an 18 wheeler last night. It was close too close! The truck brakes were squealing loudly.

Messages for last week seemed to be blessed of the Lord. 

We are so thankful for those who sacrificially gave to make this trip possible.

Thankful Pastor Stephen wasn't hurt from heatstroke due to his many preparations. We praise God for many assistants preparing things on that side.

We are thankful that the annual Southern Decadence Day in New Orleans scheduled for Labor Day is cancelled due to the hurricane. We grieve that it took such a strong rebuke to hold back 100,000 self-professed decadent party goers. 

Safe travel & connections (Sept 4-7th).
Keng's prayer requests:
     - I am still working on the messages. Pray for grace and wisdom.
     - Jayden is still not himself. He cries going to bed and has been throwing up much more frequently. Pray for God's mercy for him to overcome this.
    - Pray that Ling will experience more of God's grace when we are away.
Paul's prayer requests:
      - Keep praying for peace, health and joy for Pastor Stephen and his wife during final preparations.
      -  We are asking God for renewal that makes the seminar bear fruit in areas around these regions.
      -  Please seek God for good health. I had extreme  headaches last year that only were gone when speaking.
      -  Paul is working on many messages. 
      - This Thursday and Friday a British televison assistant producer will be interviewing our family. May God rightly use this to encourage other parents to bring up godly children. Pray for the editing process too.
Protection for  families, both physical and spiritual.
Pain and Grief
       - Do pray for those who suffer from the great devastation in the southern United States.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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