Pray BFF #78                                  August 19, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Breathing Hard

When a person runs fast, he starts breathing hard. When the pressures of ministry start to increase, it is then prayers arise more often. We hope you are not bothered by the increase of prayer letters. On one hand we have much to share. On the other hand, we have an increased need for your prayers. Just think what it could mean to impact 500 national Indian pastors. May God in His great grace do that through our prayers and many others around the world. 

Pastor Stephen, a national Indian pastor who is coordinating these four seminars,  has two people from his congregation praying each day for these seminars.  I have asked Pastor Stephen to share the needs of India to the pastors at the seminars so we can pray together and be better informed. Here are a few facts about India:

1652 languages are used in India; 222 are considered major language groups
Government closed its doors to foreign missionaries in 1975; very few missionaries there.
Thousands of the ethnic groups in India have no believers among them.
Most of the unreached people groups of the world live in India.

Most of the unreached people groups of the world live in India.

Please keep praying for Keng and Paul 's preparation. It is hard to keep track of and coordinate the many messages. Praise God!  44% of our financial support  is in! Tickets are arranged to be bought. This is much better than last year where  tickets couldn't be purchased until just before departure.   We are still in need of $6,500. Please keep praying with us and give as God prods you.  Information on how to give is at the end of this letter as well as on our latest update.

On Camera?

A British televison company wants to do a documentary on the family. They want to give different kinds of families opportunities to present their own parenting techniques, focusing on why we do what we do. It seems about 80% sure. No big money; just volunteer. Our family, as you guessed it, would represent the biblical-mindset of parents. We desperately need your prayers if this 'scan' of our family is to be flashed to the UK.  Any comments or insights are welcome. We see it as an opportunity to do what we have been doing on the website > showing the world how great God's way is and that we should trust Him and His Word more.

(The new August 19th editiion India 2005 report is ready with pictures. We need your prayers!)

If you want to invest in this India project and would like a tax deductible receipts, please make your check out to PLF (as below). In the memo write BFF STM (India). A tax deductible receipt will be mailed at the end of the year. Otherwise just use the address at the end of the email.

Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation (PLF)
100 Ross Street, 4th Fl.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2013

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God that 44% of our financial needs has already come in for India!

Thank the Lord that the tickets should be soon secured.

The  very first church-based ADT one day seminar went well. Everyone seemed so eager to learn for almost 7 hours on a hot Saturday. Pastor Hugo and I worked well together as a team.

Last Sunday's 'Cross Training' class went well. I don't think I ever had such a lively discussion on husband-wife. We had a great time even getting into how to choose a good partner.

The Lord is raising up more interest in this mission in church and prayer groups.

Thank the Lord for the special ways He sooths our hearts in times of waiting.

For wisdom about responding to this television documentary on the family.

Keng now is waiting for his visa for India. Time is tight.

We are asking God for the balance of what we think is needed for the India trip - $6,500. Time is short.

Keep praying for Pastor Stephen and his wife during this very busy time as he coordinates things there in India. He has many decisions to make.

There are two more Sunday 'Cross Training' classes.  

Paul and Keng need God's supernatural grace to rightly prepare their hearts, minds and messages for the training seminars in India.

Ask the Lord to prepare the heart of each pastor, church planter, and evangelist that comes so that God's Word will rightly impact each of their hearts and lives.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Write to Paul with your comments:

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