Pray BFF #63                                  August 26, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

Waiting Upon God

What is it so hard to wait upon God? Isn't He faithful and loving? Doesn't He care for us more than anyone? Isn't He able to do all that He desires? Surely these are all true. True 'waiting upon God' is a time of peace and joy. Our hearts and minds are stayed upon God rather than our circumstances. Keep praying for us in these days of waiting to see how God will provide for the trip to India.

We had been hit with a lot of attacks as seen in a former prayer letter. Now Pastor Stephen in India is the target. Please pray for his health, family and temptations. He has gone ahead and printed the brochures and booked two seminar locations. He will soon send them out.

Our needs remain the same. Next week's September 2nd deadline for at least half ($5000-6000) of the $12,000 to come in is coming quickly. God often waits until the last minute, until our own resources are exhausted our, to supply our need and be glorify His Name. This is not only true financially, but regarding other arrangements such as getting visas and the right airplane tickets also.

"Come Over to ...."

This note reminds me of the Damascus call without the dream. Due to a special request, we are changing our southern city to a more strategic 'out-of-the-way' town not too far in the north. Let me share the request as I read it.

There are some pastors who are survive the Gospel in Orissa state (North India) asked me why don’t you conduct seminar for in a boarder place for our convenient. They are doing the ministry with lot of hurdles. Thy told me, if you are conduct convenient place for us we will participate more then 50 members.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God that after I sent out the last prayer letter that Paul's back became almost normal. Thanks for your prayers!

Thankful for reports on how God is using these materials. This just came yesterday:

I don't know exactly who you are, but I thank God for finding your study on the internet. I recently became overwhelmed with anxiety for the first time--though I admit I was always a worrier--I have passed this lifestyle on to my children and am now looking forward to breaking free. Thank you for the truths you present here, and for God drawing me back for his strength through these pages. I desire to surrender my anxious, sinful nature to him and to walk anew--restored and refreshed. God Bless You and Your Ministry.

Paul and Linda could get away for a day while in New England. They visited an old Shaker village.

Paul is speaking the next two Sundays (8/29 pm in Lynn, MA and 9/5 in Pittsburgh).

India trip: smooth visa permits, good flight connections, financial provision (soon!), message preparations for Paul and Philip.

Pray for a good set up (yes still trying) and start of homeschool. Praise God that He knows how to give us peace in these times.

We need wisdom to discern how to respond to a certain request. We are seeking God's will.

Elizabeth (our daughter) has only about $1000 to still raise for her 2.5 months trip to India using her artistic skills in assisting to develop literacy materials.

Many of the hundreds of people coming to the website each day are looking for help and guidance from God and His Word. May God meet each one of them.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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