Pray BFF #58                                  May 18, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

Borne by God's Wings

Only God's grace could have gotten us this far. The volume of materials being produced and presented is the highest in BFF's history. We are thankful that God has sustained us and blessed many others through your faithful prayers. Our race is not quite finished, but most of it is behind us.

Life has been rigorous but satisfying. We have barely had time to enjoy the beautiful springtime except on the drive to speaking engagements. Paul has had a little time in the garden to plant lettuce and to care for other plants. Linda planted some parsely today. This week should be different.

Celebrating our 26th

We are going to challenge all the time-crunch pressures by daring to take an overnight anniversary trip this week. God has strengthened and provided for us so far. Why not get away? Actually, we missed a 25th get-away (though not forgotten). There never is time for the greatest moments in life. We need to create them. We will put our own marriage seminar counsel into action.

Godly Beginnings for the Famly Completed!

Praise God for the completion of the 'Godly Beginnings for the Family', an eight part series! We were working on several different articles at the same time, and needed to ask each other, "Which series?" Which lesson?" It is good to have this one series out of the way. Only a bit of file manipulation has to be done to get it all on the web.

Trip to India

People may wonder why we need prayer for a trip that isn't until October. We just received an email yesterday that will give you a clue. Pastor Stephen asks that all the material be sent right away so that it can be translated. Yes, they need time on their side also to prepare. Since it is a very busy time for us, this makes it difficult to focus. Keep those prayers before God.

Elizabeth's trip to India will also begin about October. Thank you for your many inquiries regarding her trip. Although it starts the same time, we will not be together. Her trip will be about a 600 miles from Paul's. She is seeking support separate from BFF and Paul. If you would like to know more about Elizabeth's trip, please contact her at: .

What is God doing?

Paul has been doing quite a bit of teaching in Chinese lately! What is more interesting is that the opportunity is going to be weekly right up to mid-August, twenty one times in all. Just yesterday, he heard that one sermon he was to preach might also need to be spoken in Chinese. Pray for tongues! He hasn't done that much teaching in Chinese this last decade so this is a big challenge for him.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

We are glad to have a great increase in web traffic lately. A Philipino pastor just wrote, "I am now working in new pionering church.I just saw your website oh may God use your program; it is so nice and I believe will become used fully in my place."

It is great to see people respond to the Building a Great Marriage series. Any devoted couple can have a great marriage even in this antagonistic age.

Praise God for being able to meet each deadline of the Godly Beginnings for the Family series, the blessing to the group we taught and the many people already viewing it on the web.

We are thankful everyone has been healthy and allergies haven't troubled us too much this year.

We are thankful for a bit more income this year. Keep praying.

We are halfway through the Biblical Parenting Principles series on Tuesday nights. Keep praying. The response has been good. This class is in Chinese

The Building a Great Marriage series only has one more class this coming Sunday. Pray that students will apply the lessons to their lives.

Pray for Paul to have the time to focus on the material to be spoken and translated for the India trip. He has some ideas, but they need to be thought through more.

Paul and Linda still are very busy writing, editing and formatting materials most days each week.

Pray for someone to translate the Building a Great Marriage handouts and reading into Chinese. This would aid Paul in teaching as well as the students in learning.

May God richly bless Paul and Linda's get-away and still get the needed work done. (This week).

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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