Pray BFF #57                                  April 16, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

The Speaking Marathon

This spring is an exceedingly busy season for BFF. Someone recently observed that Paul is as busy as a pastor, even though He is not "pastoring."

Busy website

We are glad to report that March page views actually exceeded the 40,000 mark. God is working. We have received several notes from pastors that use the discipleship material either in its entirety or for customizing for their own situation. BFF specializes in fostering better material by making it available to help others. We want everyone to have better materials.

Busy speaking & writing

Counting from last Tuesday until the end of May, Paul has twenty opportunities to speak. 16 of them include sessions for one of three seminars Paul and Linda are now conducting. Three will be on the Song of Solomon (one of Paul's favorites - hopefully will be put up on web by the end of May) and one is a preaching engagement. We praise God for wonderfully working during Paul's sickness. This boosted his faith in God who can sustain him during this six-week marathon.

Busy planning

We are excited about the developing plans for training. Although we are mostly thinking about the trip to India, we are also conscious of other training opportunities. Two brothers have approached me about going with me to India. First, pray that they can get their schedules free. Second, pray that the leadership seminars will be properly prepared. We are still trying to ascertain how much time we will spend in each city/town . Thirdly, start praying that the Holy Spirit would greatly impact the Indian leaders and us as we serve them. Fourthly, pray that God would help us arrange for the right materials to take or provide for them (and needed support). Fifthly, pray for Pastor Stephen as he organizes the trip.

We are also glad to mention that our oldest daughter Elizabeth will be going to India and Myanmar this fall for 3+ months to assist a translator. She will use her art skills to assist them in some literacy work using images to teach the new languages.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

God is still touching Paul's heart about the wonderfully way He provided during the sick week. Praise God forever!

Praise God for the good response to the Building a Great Marriage series. We are already half way through.

We didn't realize in our last letter that the translation service has expanded to 14 languages including Japanese, Russian, Korean and many European languages. Praise God it is all free!

Praise that most of our family was well for this past week (except one or two).

Paul could actually speak that weekend three times as well as finish writing many pages. God even graced him with a special Easter message.

We have started the Biblical Parenting Principles series on Tuesday nights. Paul speaks mainly in Chinese (keep praying!). The class is good size though some that registered did not make the first class.

Ask for God's blessing on the last four sessions of the Godly Beginnings for the Family, a parenting class for new parents.

Pray for the India trip: dates, possible team members, general schedule, budget and provision. Two others might be joining the team.

Paul and Linda will be very busy writing, editing and formatting materials most days each week.

Preparations for the Song of Solomon. God already has started giving Paul extra insight into the material he already has.

Elizabeth has decided to go to India next fall for 3-4 months. Pray for her preparation and finances.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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