Pray BFF #51                                                                           November 5, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Running Ahead

Like an athelete who sets a new record, we rejoice in reaching over 30,000 page views for October. This averages out to a little over 1,000 pages read every day. Our year-end goal is double this. Two months to do what took ten months to achieve. Keep on praying with us.

A Fun Story

Last Sunday at church I noticed my son holding his Sunday School paper in his hands. It was a bright colored map of the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys. He told me that he really liked that map.

I was intrigued. I looked closer. That map looked so familiar. Then I realized that it was map copied from the BFF web site!

The map was designed for people to freely copy, adapt and distribute! (86 page views this month). All to God's glory and praise!

Along with this news, we are grateful for the first donation made via the web. How did this happen?

One day the Lord gave a little extra initiative to figure out how to install this button (computer coding) that people can use to make a credit card contribution. We were encouraged by someone actually using it. It also confirms that the 'Paypal' button works.

Lastly we wanted to thank the Lord that production and editing of the Cross raining basic discipleship booklets is up and running again. They are exciting to work on. The goal is to get the main set done by the end of November.


In order to celebrate, we have listed our top individual pages for October. We will analyze the top areas used later at another time. Meanwhile you might like to see what people are looking at.

Number of Times viewed in October 2003


Overview and outline of the Gospel of John


Canonization of the Bible


Old Testament Survey of English Bible Books


Index to Overcoming Anxiety


Overview and Index to Nehemiah


Discipleship Training


Gospel of John 2:12-25; Origins of the Bible


Marriage Navigator

Other pages in order from 192 to 100 include: Following is not easy, Family, Restoring Marriage Affections, Isaiah Outline, Hebrew Bible Books, Devotions, Anger, Mormonism, Romans Index, Humility, Love's MIghty Touch (1 Cor 13), Overcoming Anger, Truth Transforms and Romans Intro.

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for many positive comments about the parenting class.

We are all very thankful for a few summer-like days during early November.

Praise God we could get the Church Planting series up on the web.

God has been gracious to help Paul with the recent increase of teaching and preaching.

We are thankful for wisdom to counsel different individuals about marriage, children and full-time service.

Colds have been prevalent in our household, but everyone seems to be on the mend.

Paul and Linda are busy preparing, teaching and praying for the almost weekly Biblical Parenting Principles class.

Please keep asking the Lord for financial provision. We will discuss this more in the next prayer letter.

Prayer advances for the different unreached areas around Vizianagaram in India.

Completion of the Cross raining material by the end of November.

For a training center in Pittsburgh.

Paul needs to make a decision about temporarilly filling the pulpit in one church.

Our second oldest, Christy, is away for 3 weeks studying cosmetology.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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