Pray BFF#31             September 13, 2002

Pray without ceasing!

Dear Prayer Team,


We are so glad the BFF material arrived safe and sound in India. Listen to their plans.

I have received your material on 5th of this month at 11-30p.m. Please pray that we may use your material in a proper way for the spiritual growth of many people.... I am planning to translate your material into our Telugu Language . We are planning to conduct the discipleship training from month of October or November. Please Pray. {From Pastor Stephen in India}

Coming Along

Despite numerous projects and headcolds serving as distractions, progress has been made an advanced discipleship curriculum. Paul really senses the Spirit of God guiding and teaching him in the development of each week's theme and application.

Distraction Power of the Web

We thank the Lord for the people who come to the BFF site by way of distraction. This morning someone who searched for "How to fix a washer" found and visited one of our pages on anxiety. Pray for these 'newcomers!'


Please join with us in prayer!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for the safe arrival of the BFF materials to India.

The Advanced Discipleship Material is wonderfully coming along by God's leading!

For the first half of September, our daily average of pageviews has nearly reached our year-end target (500) at 496 per day. Give praise to God!

We are thankful for completing a Marriage Navigator which organizes our 60+ web pages on marriage for easy access and reference.

Elizabeth and her boxes arrived safely She is doing well.

We are thankful Kathryn's asthma has not recently been a problem and that though all others got sick with this recent bad cold, she was the healthiest of us all!

May God pour out blessing on Pastor Stephen and others involved in translation into Telugu but more importantly God's power and provision in the discipleship training starting soon in India!

May God continue to give special grace for the development of the advanced discipleship materials. Four out of about twelve weeks are almost complete.

Paul will be teaching the Gospel of John 9/15 as well as leading the training sessions for the church's teachers using the excellent series , "The Seven Laws of the Learner" by Bruce Wilkerson.

BFF's material is not 'easy reading' but still people are reading. It is relevant to the needs of the readers. May God minister through the many pages being read each day.

A couple, M&M, seems very close to becoming Christians.

Pray for hearts full of faith, humility and courage as we minister for God and to others.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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