Pray BFF#27             July 9, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

A new apologetic ministry

Many of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s have been well acquainted with apologetic material. Most of this material plays an important part in persuading the mind through revealing the truths of God's Word in nature. In other words, we give evidence of God's presence through the design of creation along with the teachings of scripture.

This present Western generation does not care for these arguments. They are not impressed. They are not listening to these arguments because they are not looking for a reasonable cause for what life is about. This post-modern generation asks other questions.

BFF focuses on bringing relief to the desperate problems that people face. We do not only explain God's design but show how God's design works better in their life. Those trapped in lust are looking for answers but can't find them. Others are destroying their lives through worries. We show step by step, how they personally can escape these problems and find God's power and strength.

Join with us in your vigorous prayers that God's Word might be seen in its full might to each reader. They are not just readers. They are struggling. They are seeking righteousness. They are looking for hope. By His grace, may they find God's wondrous freedom.

In a little bit, ...

We have recently started a new email update letter. Every 2-3 weeks, by God's grace, we hope to update you on the newest web pages being added to BFF. Instead of parading through lots of web pages, you will receive a simple letter that contains a brief summary of the new pages and where to find them.

Let me make it easy for you. Within a week, I will send you our most recent update. All you need to do is hit reply, and I will just add you to the listing. I will not send you a second update unless you sign up. We greatly appreciate your commitment to pray for us and God's work around the world. We do not want to confuse this important purpose.

Please join with us in prayer!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

God has been giving more and more insight into organizing material for a discipleship course. Praise God!

We are thankful for Christy's nice graduation. She is now seeking a job.

We are thankful for special guidance for Elizabeth with regard to college.

We thank God for special answers to prayer.

Paul sensed God's help in preparing and delivering during two messages last week.

Through your prayers, more people are reading BFF's material every day - early July averaging well over 300 page views daily!

They are also being blessed. Brother Moses from Kenya recently wrote,

"I am a born again brother and I love the Lord. I am also a discipleship teacher in our church which I really like to improve in teaching. Recently I visited your very wonderful web site where I really enjoyed to be. ... How I wish to be more effective in teaching this class! ..."

Pray for God's special blessing on recent talks and viewings on the web of our newest series on 'Reviving Your Personal Devotions.

Pray for brother Andrew from Ghana who is struggling to care for his family. He asks for US$500. loan to start up a small batik clothing business.

We actually receive regular requests for assistance from those overseas. Pray for compassion and wisdom to respond to them. BFF is praying what part God wants us to take in hearing such needs.

Two down, five to go. May God release His truth to His people and convert the lost as Paul speaks five more times in July.

'God's wisdom is still needed for the second set on strengthening marriages due to go out soon.

May Pastor Stephen in India safely and promptly receive the BFF materials for the discipleship course.

Ask God to raise up translators with a burden for revival for their associated people groups.

Please pray for Paul's Mom who has what seems like heart problems. May God work greatly in her life.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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