Pray BFF#25            June 11, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

The challenge remains the same

John Calvin might be more popularly known for 'Calvinism' but in fact he faced a hard life implementing many truths in an ungodly society. He dived into the scriptures discovering ignored truths. This brilliant man not only taught these truths but humbly worked them out in a real life context as a pastor. Special areas of development that brought the church closer to God's truth included: church discipline, expository preaching, practical use of the Old Testament scriptures and the lifting up of the woman to be a companion in life. We take many of these truths for granted today and forget the battles of faith that had to be fought to bring them forth.

The challenge remains the same. God's truth challenges every generation to discover more of God's truth and boldly live it out in life. "Does not wisdom call, And understanding lift up her voice? ...O naive ones, discern prudence; And, O fools, discern wisdom." (Proverbs 8:1-5, NASB).
On a personal side

Emergency rooms are not a pleasant place to be. We are thankful for them, but there is much agony in seeing the helplessness and agony of man. Last week, our oldest daughter wound up there with a bad reaction to medication. She is fine now. However, our 5 year old Kathryn is close to going there – even though there is no 'cure' for bronchiolitis. We have faced a number of distractions both day and night for several weeks now.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

The class on Calvin's life was very helpful. It strengthened my resolve to live by the truth.

Thanks that the first series on 'The Goal and Design of Marriages' is on the web!

We are thankful for the surprise series on 'Effective Personal Devotions' that was mostly written last week (not up yet).

We appreciate being able to work out some of the bugs of the new program (they are mostly from my poor programming).

We appreciate our oldest daughter's quick recovery from the bad reaction to an antibiotic and that she is now well.

Praise the Lord for the new lessons of humility and helplessness that we are learning through daily life. (Hard but good).

We appreciate God's extra grace for modifying BFF's home page. More to come later.

Thank the Lord for the ability to reach out to the unreached people in India through BFF's web materials.

Pray for health of all family members. Immediate need is for Kathryn to get over this rather serious case of bronchiolitis.

Pastor Stephen in India was able to get in touch with me and asks that we soon will be able to send the BFF material. Ask for blessing upon the Sunshine ministry.

Pray for 500 page views a day. We are about half way there.

Pray for God's Spirit to raise up thousands of godly men dedicated to teaching and living out God's Word.

Pray for God's great wisdom in organizing the discipleship material that we are sending to India.

We ask prayer for our Christy as she graduates from high school June 27th and steps into new areas of life and service to God.

Paul has been studying a new aspect of web design. Pray for wisdom as he redesigns parts of the BFF web site.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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