Pray BFF#20 March 23, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

What answers to prayers! Thanks so much for your invaluable support.

Each day in the last several weeks God has been revealing special insights into His wonderful and divine love. Paul is unable to keep up with the flood of thoughts. This confirms the course for the next two months. He senses he should develop a seminar on God's love. There is much that needs to be deciphered (from old notes scribbled down), discerned and organized. He is very thankful that an overall picture for the theme seems to have been given to him while watching the children play on the beach. More on these things later!

Want to hear something fun? After preaching on "Encountering God's Love" at a university last Sunday, he also had time to lead them in questions and answers on the topic of God's love and forgiveness. He was asked, "How do you really forgive someone that really has hurt you?" Excellent question. As Paul began to give an answer, he casually mentioned he had quite a bit of material on this subject right on the web. Would you believe it, within a few minutes a brother came up to the side, found BFF's web site, did a search for forgiveness, opened the page I mentioned, and there was my teaching material on a large big screen! Absolutely wonderful. No overheads. BFF's long term vision is to supply biblical and practical material on all sorts of topics that people can use in church and home. It's coming quicker than we thought!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

  • Thanks to God for the two recent messages Paul spoke, one in Raleigh, NC and one in Pittsburgh. God seems to have significantly used them.

  • Praise God that Paul has the Overcoming Seminar's first session up on the web with the slides and teaching notes! Thank the Lord for giving wisdom for the format and procedure.

  • Paul is also thankful to God for Elizabeth's help in reorganizing BFF's home page. (Please visit!)

  • In answer to prayer, almost each vacation day God had given Paul a special insight for the project Encountering God's Love.

  • Praise God for a safe and good trip to visit his parents. Along the way we were able to visit a number of old missionary friends! Our health was restored about six days into our trip.

  • I thank the Lord that viewers have been a bit less this month. It has caused me to pray more for the change of the viewers' hearts and renewed by vigor to pray for 500 page views per day.
  • Paul seeks supernatural wisdom on how to organize the whole Encountering God's Love seminar.

  • Ask God to make new inroads with BFF's material into the church and home.

  • Pray that Paul will reformat and load one session of the Overcoming Anxiety seminar up each week on the web. This gives us an end-of-May deadline .

  • This coming week will be busy. Paul is suppose to finish the theme letter "Waiting Upon God not Man" from The Godly Man series.

  • Elizabeth has been helping here and there with children's programs, etc., but ask that God would provide a regular job. She has been using the time for web development, readying her art work for her show and taking a correspondence course.

  • Pray for the people Paul is ministering to. Some need real breakthroughs.

By the way, "Discovering Hope" can be found at:

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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