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English Preschool Alphabet Practice Letter Coloring

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We have homeschooled our children for more than 15 years now. Two of our children have graduated from homeschool. We have six more on the way, one not yet fully joined in (only 4 years old).

I recently got an old alphabet drawing file out for her. It dawned on me that others might like to use it. Each child has loved to come to my study so that they can get that day's drawing sheet. It is designed for preschool children. We have large and small English letters.

The alphabet sheets basically consist of 26 sheets in two different pdf files (Adobe Acrobat is free to download). Each sheet focuses on one letter and a picture that matches the letter theme. The child finds the letters and colors each one as he or she hunts through the sheet. The theme picture largely uses animals.

They love it!

Use and copy this exercise freely. A picture of the alphabet sheets is below along with the two links for the large and small letters alphabet practice sheets below.

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Alphabet Letter Drawing Sheet free

Free Download Capital Alphabet letters

Free Download Small Alphabet letters

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