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1 and 2 Samuel Rising of the Kings

King Saul's Calling and Confirmation

Bible Study Questions

1 Samuel 9-10

Paul J. Bucknell

A1. God's Calling (9) | A2. Questions on Calling | B. God's Confirmation (10)

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Israel and Amalekites mapThis study of 1 Samuel 9-10 provides a great setting to further understand the calling of God. Do you understand God's calling or simply confused about it?

We will first look at God’s call in 1 Samuel 9 and then God’s confirmation of this call in 1 Samuel 10. 1 Samuel 11 describes the affirmation of Saul’s call (not in this study).



A. A. God’s Call for Saul to be King (1 Samuel 9:1-27)

  1. How did Saul respond to Samuel’s request to speak to the king from what he heard that night from the Lord? Why might he be so eager to hear (16)?
  2. Review verse 17 and how Saul got to be the king of Israel. Give an incident that reminds us that Saul considered himself ‘little in your own eyes.’
  3. What did Samuel tell Saul in 15:18-19? What detail was added here?
  4. How did Saul answer Samuel (15:20-21)? What do you think about his answer?
  5. Do you think that Saul shifted blame from himself to others in 15:21 (‘but the people ...’)?
  6. Explain in your own words the most powerful part of 15:22-23?
  7. How does what Saul did relate to divination (Literally witchcraft) (22-23)?
  8. How could Saul misunderstand the importance of following every detail? Where did he go wrong?

B. God’s Confirmation for Saul to be King (1 Samuel 10:1-27)

“Then Samuel took the flask of oil, poured it on his head, kissed him and said, “Has not the LORD anointed you a ruler over His inheritance?” (1 Samuel 10:1).

  1. Read 1 Samuel chapter 10.

  2. What did Samuel do in 10:2-6? Describe each event.

  3. Why does the scripture say that these things were told Saul (1 Samuel 10:7)?

  4. Verse 18 gives us some information of what will happen in the following chapters. Read it and note what one command was given to Saul (Discussed in 1 Samuel 13).

  5. What other spiritual things happened to Saul (1 Samuel 10:9-13)? What might these things mean? Why do you think so?

  6. What happened in 1 Samuel 10:14-16? Why do you think 10:16 was added? What does it show of Saul’s character? Would you have shared?

  7. Explain what happened in 1 Samuel 10:17-21? Why is this significant?

  8. What did they have to do in 10:22-23?

  9. How did Samuel resolve this embarrassing situation (10:24)?

  10. What might have happened due to Saul’s reluctance to act like a king (10:27)?

Application for 1 Samuel 10

  1. A calling provides direction, but sometimes we need our faith to be boosted. God does that through special events, words, scriptures and other things. Share any special things God has done to give you special peace about doing something you would not otherwise been able to do.

  2. God wanted Saul to know “God is with you.” What significance does God’s presence have in our confidence in what we are doing? Think of one example from your own life.

  3. Even though the Lord provided many signs for Saul, he did not appropriate them. He at times acted on his fears such as when he hid among the luggage. How should have he responded to his fears? How could he use what God had recently done in his life to stand tall and trust God?

  4. List one area where you know what God wants but have difficulty trusting Him? List the ways He has confirmed His presence to help you. Or perhaps, list your fears and seek Him for extra strength from His presence to do them.

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