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Establishing Order in the Marriage

Marriage Adjustments

Paul J. Bucknell

These five steps of integration must take place in order to have a successful marriage. The couple's unity of heart and purpose bring great blessing to the married couple as well as stability and peace to their children.

covenant in marriage before God

Unity starts in the marriage covenant. There it occurs. God has outlined the basic ways for husbands and wives to live out their lives to make marriage work.

Husband and wife both learn from God.

Husbands and wives first agree to follow God. God has outlined His purposes for their lives and marriages. God's goals for their lives become their goals.

Husband and wife listen and obey God's instruction for their relationship.

They then follow through this commitment. Since God's design is best, then they need to learn from God.

The order of the home is thus: God>Husband>Wife> Children.

God instructs the husband that he is head over his wife. He is both to lead her and tenderly care for her. Authority does not give permission for abuse.

The wife obeys God by subjecting herself to her husband. As his faithful teammate, she aims to make him successful.

The huband and wife function as one entity perfectly blending together in their devotion to God.

A spirit of unity will develop as these major roles for the husband and wife are implemented.

Of course they need to be followed through with lots of tender and compassionate actions. But without following the Lord's instructions for their roles and places in their marriage, they can never grasp the marital joys God designed them to have.

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