Anything Stolen

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookWhat would you do if someone came up to your house and just started taking things?

Normally, we would get upset and call the police. But there is one thief that we have just let come into our lives again and again and take what he wants. We never knew we could stop him.

'Worry' is a robber and thief. The problem is that people let him come into their lives and keep stealing things. They treat him just like a bully. They figure they can't do much about it so they just try to avoid him. But bullies like a fight. They will keep taking things until they fight back.

Some of you have lost quite a few things. Let me mention three things. He has stolen away your love, joy and faith. Just look at the chart and you will see that your energy is sapped, you can't enjoy things, and you just don't have any faith left.

Worried people focus on their own needs.
They do not have energy to care about the needs of others.
Worried people focus on finding solutions for possible problems.

They are not able to enjoy the good things of life that God has provided.
Worried people focus on their doubts.

They do not trust that the Lord's way is best or even possible.

You just sit there and accept it. The bully is going to come back though. Already you should be doing something about it, but you just let him steal whatever he takes. And so he comes again, each time taking something more valuable.

The robber named 'Worry' demanded your sleep. You reluctantly gave it to him. You hoped he would be gone forever. You didn't think it could be worse, but then he was back and started to take away your appetite. It was hard to get used to missing those nice meals, but you did. Again you hoped he wouldn't bother you anymore, but then he came for your health. You figured you could try different drugs or operations to keep you running.

This might sound ridiculous but this is what is happening all the time. You or a friend might be in this situation right now. Too many people have accepted this lousy tryrant 'Worry' into their lives.

You might not have known how to fight the bully before, but now you do. After hearing these sessions, I hope you realize that you can stand up in God's strength and fight this enemy.

Stolen Things





The Lord has declared in His Word that you are to get back your sleep, appetite and health. You are to take back your love, joy and faith. God gave them to you. You dare not allow anxiety to have them anymore. If you let him take one thing, then he will take something else. He will keep taking until you say, "Stop!"

Please take a moment and think what he has stolen from you. How has worry caused you to be less the person than God has planned for you? Write down these things on your work sheets. Today we are going to show you how to overcome them in three precise steps.

Let's see what our approach should be.  
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