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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Contend Earnestly For The Faith

Book of Jude

The Bible Teaching Commentary

The Book of Jude:
Bible Study Questions

Paul J. Bucknell


The Book of Jude: Bible Study Questions provides a short set of Bible study questions for the short Book of Jude in The Bible Teacher's Commentary series.

Bible Study Questions
on Jude

Contend Earnestly For The Faith

Jude's Introduction and Purpose (1-4)

  1. How does Jude describe himself (1)?

  2. How does he describe God’s people (1)?

  3. What is distinctive about what he wishes for them (2)?

  4. What would our world wish?

  5. What is the purpose for this book of Jude (3)?

  6. How does Jude generally accomplish this purpose throughout this book? [outline]

  7. Why is it so important to ‘contend’ for the ‘delivered’ faith (3)?

  8. How do you determine the value about fighting? Is it worth going to war in the Gulf?

  9. Can someone give an example of what ‘turn grace of God into licentiousness’ might mean (4)?


Detecting dealings with “These men”


  1. What incidents does Jude remind them of in verses 5-7?

    5b Out of Egypt a people then destroyed destroyed
    6 Keep fallen angels for judgment eternal bonds
    7 Sodom & Gomorrah all people eternal fire

  2. Same way as who?
  3. What was exemplified in verse 7?


  1. Do you think ‘dreaming’ is referring to real dreams or are ‘asleep to God’s judgment and entertained by the temporal allusive and imaginary character of the pleasures of their lusts’?

  2. What problem is particularly focused on in verses 8 & 9?

  3. How does Jude show this attitude and action is wrong?

  4. Explain judgment of Cain, Balaam and Korah’s rebellion.

3. DESCRIBE THE DANGER 12-13,14-15,16, 19

[To church & to ungodly]

  1. What danger is there described in these verses (12, 16)?

  2. Think through each symbolic description and picture what it looks like (6 of them) (12-13).

  3. Who was Enoch (cf. Gen 5:18-21)? What did he prophesy?

  4. What word is repeated in verse 15?

  5. What is wrong with the behaviors described in verse 16?

  6. Describe them one by one.


"But you, beloved, remember"


  1. What distinguishes the ‘beloved’ from the ungodly men just discussed (17)?

  2. What are they to remember? What is that?

  3. Why is this important?

  4. What important principle in verse 17 should we use when arguing with someone over the teachings of Scripture?


  1. What are the ‘beloved’ commanded to do besides remembering the expected divisions (20-23)?

  2. Enumerate each one and explain what it means (six of them).

  3. How are we to treat and think of the ungodly in the church? Is there a difference if it is a leader?

[They & You separation; don’t be shocked (17-19); ground self on common salvation (3).]

The Closing Blessing (24-25)

  1. Why is this closing blessing especially significant for this church?

  2. What is the difference between a statement of judgment and a statement of blessing?

  3. Are the advantages of ‘contending’ worth the possible disturbance? What might one lose? Win?

------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
In order to best understand and apply the scriptures about the ungodly, study:

1) The things they did wrong
2) The reasons those things are considered wrong
3) Examination of own situation to see if and where we might be doing wrong.

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Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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