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Pray BFF Letter #324

March 31, 2019 (pdf | epub)

Looking for a Final Tailwind

Dear Prayer Partners,

God has been so gracious caring for the seminars and me. The weather, though hot, had no rains until the second seminar was over so I could nicely record. How fun to see the building I conducted the seminar in was signed by one of the sisters in our church 5+(?) years ago on a volunteer mission. Thanks Grace!

Everything went well there as planned. Very good response with many welcomes to return.

Today is already the last day of this last Chinese seminar in Dar Es Salaam, the biggest city in East Africa, having lots of congested roads. Besides preaching this morning at the Chinese church in this city (3+ years old), I will conduct the final messages for those coworkers gathered from several countries around this area like Ethiopia and Kenya. Still pray for fluency and a good stomach.


Here is my Tanzanian itinerary

  1. March 21-23—Kahama: The Life Core: Discovering the Heart of Great Training
  2. March 25-27—Tabora: Being an Overcomer: Faith’s Triumph Over Temptation
  3. March 29-31—Dar es Salaam: Building a Great Marriage



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