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Pray BFF Letter #290

March 8, 2017

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A Lagos Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Wed, March 8, 1:42 a.m. Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for praying. I figure–since I woke up alert in the middle of the night here in Lagos, Nigeria–that I should update you. I will be taking my next flight in 6 hours, and I should be preaching in 7 and a half. We will see how it all goes!

After all, this airline that I am taking was not to be offering flights anymore according to the agent in USA. He suggested I take a full refund. But others said that it was! We will see.

Perhaps, this is the reason my coordinator kindly sent two pastors to meet me and escort me to a taxi so I could get to the hotel. They will also pick me up in the same taxi in the morning and make sure the flights are flying.

So do pray. I am thankful that the internet works in this one hotel. I am looking forward to this opportunity to speak from one of my books, The Life Core, which they have integrated into the Bible College's curriculum. And thank the Lord, the last sum we needed came in the day before I left. Praise God!

Continue to pray for my family and various ministries. There have been many last-minute challenges and distractions as always.

In Christ's Majestic Service,

Paul J. Bucknell

Phone/text: (+1) 412-398-4559 (Mobile)
3276 Bainton St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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