Biblical Foundations for Freedom:

Pray BFF Letter #284
Nov 23, 2016

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom:

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for these 15+ years the Lord has called, sustained, directed and provided for BFF. We are ever grateful to you who pray for us and those among you who support BFF financially. Wow! It is an honor to serve God, you, and many around the world. It was with great joy that I sent free access to our 7 digital libraries to a pastor in Trinidad & Tobago. He thankfully wrote back, “I enjoy it!”

Some days have been packed with meetings, preparation, and counseling, but God’s grace sustains us through those busy times. I personally like to arrange teaching/preaching series ahead of time. This allows me less preparation when the actual preaching or teaching time comes, and at the same time, to train up others to work alongside me to teach and preach.

In the next two weeks, for example, I will wind up preparation for our winter/spring adult Sunday Training class: Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church. The better I redesign it for our class, the easier it is for teachers to make it their own and teach in full confidence.At the same time, I will make the resources available on the BFF website. So this has been a win/win situation. I have many handouts already but they are designed for 60-90 minute classes, requiring significant changes for our adult training class which is about 35 minutes plus group discussion time.


  • My throat has returned to normal as I talk, teach, and preach. I thoroughly enjoy this preaching series through 1 Samuel. Join in at:

  • Praise that one of the two books to publish by year’s end has the major editing done and the other book’s editing has been kick-started (3 chapters left).

  • God has been graciously helping me with the regular preaching. I have been able to get associated Bible studies, videos, and powerpoint slides from them up onto the BFF website.

  • Filipino seminar

    When driving back Isaac’s to visit Cedarville University college tour, a deer bounded in front of my van and then off into the woods. A few seconds earlier would have guaranteed a 70m/h collision.

  • I recently published our Handouts for Knowing God in full-sized paperback, partly out of curiosity, rather inexpensively. I have many 40-80 page handouts for different series.

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  • I am reformatting and developing the series Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church for teaching in our adult Sunday Training starting in January. Wisdom is needed.

  • Pray for the final editing of the one book to be published by year’s end.

  • I am attempting to finish the final proof for a book on the Holy Spirit.

  • I am preaching fairly regularly through the end of the year.

  • Allison is still looking for a job in her publishing field.

  • Kathryn will be looking for a job and a new direction when she comes back from university this semester.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Phone/text: (+1) 412-398-4559 (Mobile)
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Biblical Foundations for Freedom