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Pray BFF Letter #273

April 9, 2016
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Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria

Dear Prayer Partners,

Right now I am sitting in a car that is riding a ferry back to the mainland from the remote village on Rusinga Island in Kenya surrounded by the beautiful Lake Victoria. The first two seminars are completed! Everything went well as could be expected. The 100 Christian leaders were very attentive, some asking very pertinent questions which revealed that they were taking in the teaching. I was welcomed back by each of the four bishops to their own districts and churches as well as by many attendees. Out of this group, no one had attended any theological training.Ferry crossing Lake Victoria

I am always curious how a people entrenched in their culture, most not even having electricity, will respond to the second seminar on “Raising Godly Children.” And indeed, several questions were raised challenging my teachings on attitudes toward spouses, their concepts of fathers, and training children. I like these challenges for before they can ever adopt God’s Word for themselves, they have to know it is not western or USA teaching, but God’s.

There is no big contest, however, because all I need to do is go back behind the scenes: marriage principles are exemplified by Christ and His bride, the church; God the Father sets the model for our fatherhood; and on we go. Even chastisement, which is the big ‘no-no’ in an increasing number of societies across the world including Kenya and Taiwan. Without it, respect for parents disappears, and rebellion and foolishness increase. As I teach you can see how the people see the inferiority of certain practices and perspectives and the better ways of the Lord. One pastor said next time I return that I should just speak on the family. He wants more!

(Excuse me for a lengthy update but the place we stayed in didn’t have the internet going for a week!)

Evidently the rainy season came upon my arrival, which brought the temperature down from the upper 90s to the 80s. I didn’t mind at all, especially as there was no air conditioning or fans at the meeting place. (We had to hire a generator to charge my computer for taping and for microphones.)

Our biggest struggle was translating several messages into two tribal languages, Luo and Kisii, but the later sessions were easier by the translation into the one trade language Kiswahili. Besides meeting the gracious brothers and sisters, a highlight was having an unexpected musical team.

Rusinga Island pastorsGenerally, I have been fine, though extremely tired while adjusting to jet lag, high temperatures, and the demanding speaking schedule so that I just plop in bed for as much sleep that I can get.

Anyways, do pray. I need to speak at a church tomorrow (Sunday-pray Sat night!) and then each day teach 4 one hour sessions. It is quite demanding in every way. Do also pray the last 10% comes in for the STM budget. Well the boat has arrived at the shore (see picture), and we need to drive from Victoria Lake to the city of Kisumu.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Oh, did I tell you? They asked us to pray for rain when we left, because it stopped raining while having seminars (which was great when we have very muddy roads and paths) and just started this morning as we left. (They attended the meetings rather than planting their crops so they needed rain.) Also thanks to God’s grace that even though my computer was shutting down because someone spilt a glass of water on the keyboard, when I prayed and actually went down the path to the meeting hall, it actually worked as normal!

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

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