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Pray BFF Letter #270

February 20, 2016
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Seeking Success

Dear Prayer Partners,

The cheapness of stealing glory from our Maker stands diametrically opposed to the richness of admiring God’s awesome work.

The above line is from a book, presently in the throes of heavy editing. I have been delighted to return to the many challenging thoughts in this work-in-progress book on success. Many of us dismiss ourselves from being considered successful, but we shouldn’t! When we despise God’s great purposes for our lives, we end up only collecting the crumbs of the world. Please do keep this book in prayer that it might pass quickly from heavy editing to light editing to editor to correction, into print and distribution.

The goal is for this book to become one means that God uses to strengthen His people to fulfill the purposes He has for their lives. We whole-heartedly desire for our Lord to somehow prove that He can even work through our feeble, sinful, inadequate lives.

Challenging Weeks Ahead

There are many upcoming challenges in the weeks ahead. Paul will be busy preaching and teaching at our church, but also preparing for the trip to Kenya in early April. Plans are laid for four seminars. Tickets are now bought. We are desperate for your prayers because we not only desire for people to attend, finances to be raised, but also that God’s pastors and leaders will be built up and strengthened for His work.


  • Preparations for a busy time of teaching and preaching starting on February 28.

  • Expenses for the four African seminars.

  • For Rev. Matthew, who is the busy coordinator for this African trip.

  • The final editing and printing of one Hindi, Burmese, and Spanish book close to being finished.

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  • Time to get away to visit some of our family and old friends.

  • Time to write (i.e. heavy editing. )

  • Someone will be joining the web team in India to create new web pages which hopefully translates into a whole new web site.

  • Several gifts to help with college expenses for our kids.

  • Allison has a 10 week paid internship in publishing. ( Prayerfully, leading to a full time job.)

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!



Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


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