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Pray BFF Letter #264

August 15, 2015
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To The World!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Nepal's peaksThe Lord started BFF (2000) near the beginning of the digital revolution which is now reaching the shores of each continent impacting many lives. BFF’s focus has always been ‘releasing God’s truth’ to people around the world. There have been epic changes in how the world communicates, learns and lives. Smartphones are popping up everywhere, even in the distant Sahara desert and towering peaks of Nepal. Thanks to some aggressive companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook and the like, this thrust into the digital age will only continue at a faster pace.

Narrowing our focus


Keep our family in mind. We are helping three of our children through the college process.


  • Glad that the Romans commentary came back with the final proof edit.

  • Our website is ready to migrate to a new dedicated server.

  • Had great times getting ready to co-teach the Book of Revelation starting in September.

  • Thankful for all the faithful steps Allison, Daniel and Kathryn have taken to get where they are.

  • Grateful that Daniel and Isaac can help log, transport and split the wood. God has given us free wood again–but we need to do the work to make it usable!

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  • Safety and adjustment for Kathryn’s move to Chicago area next Thursday, August 20th.

  • Wisdom how to proceed getting more books properly translated into more languages.

  • Grace to actually publish and distribute our books into local national markets.

  • Full provision for BFF and family.

  • Such dire flooding needs in NE India and Burma.

  • For God’s help to properly step into new website ‘wineskins’ for the purpose of bringing His truth to more people throughout the world, causing them to be revived and stirred up to serve Him.

  • Paul’s hope to move forward in writing in the next month.

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!



Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


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