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Late April, 2014
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Peru Field Reports

Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are the two Peru 2014 field reports:

Peru Field Report: April 19th 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy Easter to you all from southern Peru. We are both doing well and enjoy our hosts and this lovely city of Arequipa.

The days have been extremely busy with 5-6 messages a day. The good part is that lots has been accomplished already. We finished the D2 seminar today. On Monday we will finish the parenting series but also start the D1 seminar, Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church.

Kathryn shared some in our parenting message yesterday, doing a great job sharing how God has used different family situations to help her develop. Today, she will be sharing at the Youth Group.

Fortunately, we are just about ten minutes walk from the church and get to walk through beautiful plazas and buildings to get to church, dine and visit other places. Paul will share a message tomorrow on Easter at one of the services. He still needs to make it a more Easter-like theme, though.

The attendees are not large in number, the Easter break has many people involved with family activities, but the response has been real good. Praise God that our translator, Diane, has maintained good health through this time.
Thank you for your prayers. We will be here for 3-4 more days before returning back to Lima for another seminar.

Keep praying for both of us! God has been blessing.

In His Love,
Paul and Kathryn

Peru Field Report: April 24, 2014

Serving the God of all nations in Peru

How would you like to live at the base of a large volcano? This second largest city of Peru does! (Actually there a numerous volcanoes surrounding this beautiful city such as Mount Misty here). Each walk from our host’s bed and breakfast to the church was a sightseeing trip. Doors 10 feet and higher stared down upon us as we walked down the brick streets. We enjoyed our opportunity to tour an old convent (Santa Catalina) built in the 1500s.

Our first week here has gone so quickly. We were both wondering how could we already be leaving the south? Perhaps because of the pace of things. Paul doesn't usually count by days but messages (29 so far) and is looking forward to a more relaxed pace in Lima where the only seminar is being held at night.  The messages were very well received, seeing the changes in the faces and lives of God’s people.

Kathryn did a great job sharing two testimonies: With the parenting class, she shared how consequences helped her set up a good life routine. With the 70 large youth group, she shared about what she learned from growing up in a big family. Communication is only through our one faithful translator who managed to keep up with things, though her throat was persistently troubling her the whole time.

Meanwhile, Paul’s larger goals are taking another step forward. When he returns, he has two more full bilingual seminars he can edit and post. What a happy ministry this is! When people just hear about the seminar they missed, they learn they can view/hear the other ones they missed from the internet! The people attending was not usually too large, partly due to Easter week, but by God’s grace these online resources will day by day reach out to many others through the internet until Jesus’ return (or someone hijacks the internet).

Kathryn and I flew from Arequipa to Lima last night, being safely driven to another host family, the missionary couple that Paul stayed with last year. We were both so exhausted last night. Today, we started off with an authentic Costa Rican breakfast (the wife is from there)! Very nice.

Thank you for your prayers. The time serving our Lord and His people in Peru so far has been tremendous. How wonderful to meet and minister to God’s people. They are ever so friendly and hospitable. I am always learning how to be more warm and gracious from them. What a wonderful instruction ‘class’!

In Christ’s Love,

Thanks so much for your prayers!  


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


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