Pray BFF Letter #195

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
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Beautiful Intercession

Dear Prayer Partners,

Trip Starts Soon!

Each trip overseas seems to hold some unknown variables. We greatly appreciate your prayers. We need them!

$2,200 has come in for the STM to Myanmar. We are still seeking God for $4,000. Less than a month, and I will be off again into the wild blue yonder on Singapore Airlines (surprisingly best price). I haven't traveled on this airlines for ever so long – 30 years?

Struggles continue

Each STM trip not only has obstacles during the trip but distractions before and after. We have had several big pre-trip difficulties: printer, Google search and IRS's tax exempt issue. Each of these have gobbled up much valuable time. In fact, I need to make an announcement at this time

If you plan to give directly to BFF for the trip or other purposes at this time, we cannot guarantee a tax exemption at the end of the year. We hope to be reinstated so that the exemption will be retroactive from when it was revoked, but this cannot be assured. Attendees of PCCO, OIF and PCCP can give through their church and mark BFF (BFF STM if for STM). Sorry for this inconvenience. Do pray for us and our supporters who are affected!

A Testimony on resolving a struggle

Let me share how God answered prayer for one of these difficulties. An order for 20 Cross Trainer Discipleship training manuals came in. My printer stopped working properly. Should I buy a new one? Finances were very tight, but the order must go out.

The printer price had come down quite a bit so I ordered one. But I hated to throw out the old one, which worked on most kinds of pages. In desperation I asked our Lord one last time to help me know if I can fix it. During prayer, He brought to my mind the word 'glossy.' So I went back and found that the paper setting was on glossy. I changed it to regular. Would that make a big difference? It did. It works fine now. I could even cancel the order for the new printer.

Praise God and thank you for your prayers. We just never know what "obstacles" we will face each day!

A Suggestion for prayer

Perhaps you are not sure how to pray for these tax and google problems. Let me share how the Lord has taught me to pray. Perhaps it can help you, too. I realize that our web pages being read are down by 50%, but God is not bound by Google search engines (though sometimes I tend to believe it).

God is a mighty God and can work in greater ways even without Google! First, I had to work through whether or not I believed God was greater than Google. After working that through, and encouraging my faith by its truth, I now pray about this Google issue like this, "Lord, I ask You to work in greater ways during this struggle without Google than with them."

My dependence must not be in the web search engine but in God. Who knows maybe these things are preparing our faith for days ahead when greater animosity arises against the proclamation of God's Word.



Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


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