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December 24, 2010
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Helping Others Take the Next Step

Merry Christmas to you all!

Dear Prayer Partners,

BFF specializes in developing media-rich materials to help people grow from one stage to the next. This letter shares about the recent development of materials for those interested in full-time Christian ministry as well as for those that train them. These recent additions on preparing people for ministry were developed for the Chinese Mission Conference (Dec 26th to 30th).

NextStep's Beginning and the Challenge

Next Step Counselor Training ManualI (with Pastor Hugo Cheng) was asked to initiate a follow-up program for those interested in full-time or tent-making ministries. This began in 2002 or so. This conference is held every three years with over 2000 attending. Many are Chinese speakers, but there is a separate English track too.

Train up New Leaders for MinistryWe took up this challenge. We formed a team to conduct personal interviews, provide challenging articles and opportunities to further their understanding of missions (largely through a retreat).Since we never know how many people might want to talk about their mission burden, we are never sure what will happen.

This year, we are praying for 200 people to come through these interviews, 150 Chinese speaking and 50 English speaking. Basically, we want to provide the information necessary for them to take next steps along the path that the Lord is leading.

Get Ready!

This month has been mainly occupied with updating and preparing new materials for both the Next Step Counselors, those that would conduct the Next Step interviews, but also for the NextSteppers themselves. Most of the material is in both English and Chinese.

Charting Your steps into ServiceMany articles were looking old and had to be updated in print as well as in web formatting. Things are changing! Hugo and I developed four new video trainings. I was able to produce the first eBook in ePub format (for smart phones, ipads, etc.)

By God's grace, we have updated material for both tracks. We are thankful for a gifted brother willing to take over this responsibility in the future, but we wanted to provided a good foundation of organization and articles to help him. These mission conferences will be happening more frequently, one on the West Coast and another in the UK in the next few years. Take your next step into ministryThe NextStep program powerfully helps those people God is moving into ministry progress further along the path.

I value training. Those things that someone shows me how to do, can be done so much quicker than me trying to figure it out by myself. Now we can pass all these resources on to the Mission Conference staff.

But first, we have a busy week ahead! Lots of late hours conducting interviews. I must admit it is thoroughly exciting to hear, in Chinese and English, how God is moving in the hearts of His people. Pray for the Next Step Counselors and the 200 NextSteppers to be!

Continuous Personal Renewal

The mission conference has many workshops. I will teach one on Monday afternoon on continuous personal renewal.

I am very excited about this opportunity because it gets at the heart of all that God has been teaching me over these last few years.

No matter where we are at in our Christian lives, we can step forward by God's grace and in the power of His truth and love. This message encourages me, and I believe it will be a stimulating and practical tool for others.




God is Good!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Phone: (+01) 412-398-4559
3276 Bainton St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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