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Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Is it Worth it All?

Dear Support Team,

Preparations on the wayThank you for your prayers. I have been making good progress toward finishing the African seminar podcasts. Only two more to edit.

The outlines for the India Seminar must be finished by mid to late August in order to be translated into Bengali in time for the seminars during Sept. 13-27.

This week's work load is greater due to preaching and teaching preparation for Sunday August 16th.

Some might ask, "Is all the extra work worth it?" I believe it is. I could get away without doing these podcasts and outlines or even the incremental training series. There are several motivational factors that help me depend constantly on God's grace for this work.

This age of computers and networking is amazing. The Lord started me on this route, and I can see God's great planning all the more clearly as time goes on. We do run on a shoestring budget, but God is able to do great and mighty things with a few loaves and fish. Praise Him!




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