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Friday, June 19, 2009

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STM'09 Kenya Updates

These are replicated as sent from the field.

Date: June 14th

roadDear Brothers and Sisters,

Where do I start? So much has happened, but little time to write.

Tomorrow I begin a rush of speaking engagements after safely flying into Nairobi, Kenya at 6:30 am today and then preaching later at a 3, perhaps 4 hour long service today (I only spoke about 45 minutes I think). After this I met up with two others. Talk more about them later. I need to take a shower and get ready for tomorrow.

Pray for Rev. Maurice who is overseeing the conference. His wife just went into the hospital and was told that she needs to stay there so their child will not come premature.
He has about 15 pastors who have volunteered to put this seminar together in terms of logistics. Praise God for them! They need prayer.

Pray for good weather with these stormy clouds. The paths near the large church are very difficult to navigate if the weather is bad. The church is in the middle of many dump hills. Many live all about the place.

I will be speaking about 4 times each day. Pray for safety in traveling and anointing of the Spirit to get God's message to these pastors and church leaders on discipleship. Many of them want to come Thursday when we will talk about carrying on the message to others in their areas. Some will have traveled a long way.

In short summary, the two seminars in Nigeria went very well. But as said before, I have other priorities right now. God has been answering your prayers!

Date: June 15th 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

Do keep praying. God was really using the messages to touch the 200+ pastors today, including about 8 bishops. It was humbling to sit with these bishops enjoying a meal in the pastor's office (which became a dining room).

Kenya seminarWhen I was speaking on new life, Rev. Maurice's wife gave birth! (not early but late and so needed C-section). Do pray for recovery and extra costs for their family. If any are prompted to help, do let me know.

Do pray for my flight home. I thought I would actually be home early and then they pulled the Nairobi to Paris flight. So now I might return a bit later. Is there any guarantee that they will not pull that flight too?

The day has been good but tiring. Another busy day tomorrow. Do keep us in your prayers that we see God extraordinarily working.

Date: June 17th 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

I am so grateful for all your prayers. I have seen how God has greatly enriched the pastors through this seminar here in the slums of Nairobi.

How do I see it? In many ways. Partly through their constant large group enthusiasm. More so through the way tens and tens of them personally come up to me and say things like,

"I have been changed."

"Your messages are good."

They are very sincere.

But even more so (because that could be polite) through the ways that some told me specifically that God was using the messages in their lives. pastors receive food

Each day we had an increasing crowd so we ended up with somewhere between 250 and 300. It has been exciting to see how these truths of discipleship and its relationship to ministry and their personal lives are helping them grow. Your prayers played a huge part of that. I still am so impressed with how well all the volunteer pastors and helpers have worked so hard. (By the way Rev. Maurice had a baby girl and all is fine).

Of course, with God stirring their hearts, people are asking me to return not only to Nairobi but also to several other places in Kenya. In this particular case, living has been much easier. Hot showers! Internet! I am staying in the Africa Inland Mission (AIM) guest house. It has been much easier. so pleasant. I get to see families (I miss my own). Cheaper and better than nearby hotels, and I get to rub shoulders with veteran and younger missionaries.

NairobiThank you for praying about my flight. I had two flight cancellations and so delayed one day to returning. If everything works out well (I do not want my Saturday Kenya to Paris flight to cancel again), I shall be able to take that direct flight from Paris to Pittsburgh instead of hopping here and there with lots of delays.

In terms of prayer, do keep praying for the impact of these three seminars to continue. If you are awake and get this email right away, do pray for today's followup meeting. Many leaders want to talk more about how to implement this in their own churches. Being little familiar with their churches puts me at a disadvantage. Their situation, however, is not totally new to me but every country has it own difficulties.

My health has been great all except one half a day. Praise God.

Thank you again for your prayers (and that the internet works much better 6:00 am)!

Date: June 19th

Dear Prayer Partners,

I sure feel like Paul the Penguin. I have peeled off my upper black suit for the time being, until the next trip to Africa. I have been wearing a black suit nonstop since coming to Africa. Even from traveling to Nigeria to Kenya, I had to wear my suit straight from a long hot graduation of the Bible college to the airport. Praise God I can relax a bit now.

First of all, I am so grateful for your prayers yesterday. God was giving the words to say and had a great teaching and fellowship time with about 30+ leaders who will be helping train others on how to disciple others. Thank you, thank you. One pastor came up to me and told me he already started discipling and with a big grin said he loved the time. school at the church

I sensed God's Spirit helping me message after message through the seminars. In this case I had to speak 3 one hour sessions, break for lunch and then one more. Then a long trip back (long because of exhaust filled streets).

God has given me this extra day to meet a few individuals and largely to edit (no, not a safari hunt). I have edited only 2 into podcasts (from the Book of Romans) and now onto 9 from Nigeria (English only) and 12 here from Kenya which are translated into Swahili. I am meeting today with one person who will help me provide introductions in Swahili for the podcasts (video and audio recordings). God has called me to multiply the training for others. This is one way to do it. They are are already asking for the tapings.

A minister was here last night making plans for my return (seminar on marriage). His goals are clear. I like that. But do pray as I continue to assess the five directions in Kenya that are calling for my attention. I still have not spoken much about Nigeria. Once I get a chance, I will say more about that good trip.

In Christ's Majestic Love,
Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

In Christ's Majestic Love,



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