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Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Readying Ourselves for Africa

Nigeria & Kenya - STM'09

Dear Support Team,

Plans for the African STM'09 are finally falling into place. Thank you for praying. Pastor Hugo and I will travel and serve together in Nigeria and Kenya from June 7-20, 2009.

The opportunities are endless. GodstimeThere is a great need for good biblical materials. They have a deep desire for biblical training. The Lord has blessed BFF in these two spheres of expertise. We hope to share what the Lord has given us with them. It is a special blessing to go with Pastor Hugo. We have worked together for a very long time. I remember early in BFF's history, week after week, praying and discussing and developing the discipleship material known as the 'The Flow.'

We will be visiting two places to conduct training seminars for those in the ministry.

dashBenin City, Nigeria

Last year I (Paul) taught the "Godly Man" series in Nigeria. I was overwhelmed by the response. Rev. Godstime has asked me to return and speak on "Marriage" and "Romans" at the Bible Training School. The school has grown and now uses another campus. They desire written materials for more students this year. Why speak on marriage? Rev. Godstime (his family at right) wrote,

Building a Godly Marriage bookThe 2009 Marriage Conference will be very great and powerful to the glory of God. 90% of marriages are in pain, sorrow and agony. It will be a blessing for you to come and teach on marriage in 2009 to build a Godly Marriage in Nigeria.

Ninety percent of marriages in pain. Wow! A pastor's effectiveness is greatly dependent upon his marriage. We purpose to take these ministers and evangelists deeper into the Word of God so that their lives and marriages reflect God's glory. Our challenge is to equip them to train others. If improvements do not come, the next generation will harden their hearts to the Gospel. We will provide copies of 'Building a Great Marriage!' book as well as Book of Romans materials to help further their studies after we return state-side. We hope to record the messages for their use, too.

dashNairobi, Kenya

We plan to have a seminar on discipleship translated into Swahili in Kenya. You probably remember all the slaughter in Kenya and Nairobi last year. Order has returned once the election was settled, but one can see the great need for discipleship. STM tripChristian believers have grown 400% since the 1970s. Kenya is now predominantly Christian at 56% Protestant believers. But the gospel has not gone deep enough as the slaughter has shown.

You may wonder where our contacts with these different men scattered across the globe come from. Usually, the first contact is with materials on the web. Rev. Maurice was really convicted by the Lord about the need of discipleship from materials on our website. He then realized they needed a discipleship training conference and asked me to consider coming to Kenya. Here is some of what he wrote.

Last year I visited your website and found many powerful teachings ... on Discipleship.... I even printed out all the teachings on the 3 stages of Discipleship and spiral bound to study personally. It was very costly for me to do all these because the teachings on this topic is very large and I really wanted to learn before I can teach on the same.... I did not even start to learn with teaching others in my mind but rather I just started to study these teachings with one intention to change my life and help me become what God intended for me.

Change happened in his life. God then opened doors, and he found great response wherever he began speaking on discipleship.

STM'09 African Costs

Travel ~ $4,000.
Nigeria ~ $2,000.
Kenya.~ $2,000.
Misc. ~ $ 700.

Total needed $8,700

If you would like to contribute to this African trip, mark your contribution STM'09.

Please give directly to BFF (or through church). Tax deductible receipts are provided at the end of the year. What is marked as STM is only used for these trips.

Half a year later, after such a meeting, a pastor asked him to host a discipleship seminar. The very next day, Rev. Maurice received this email from me about my willingness to come.

He forgot about who I was and even where the materials had originally come from until he clicked on my e-mail's website address. He is convinced that it is God's timing. We affirm there is a great need all around the world for discipleship training. It is a rarely spoken of or understood topic in the church even though Jesus commanded His disciples to 'make disciples' in the Great Commission.

Praise the Lord!

Pray more!

Your prayers and support during these times are important! Those coordinating these seminars have a great responsibility. They have all done so nobly. I believe it is through your prayers that God has done so much with so little. Do pray for Bishop M in Malawi. I recently heard that a second child (this time 26 years old with two children - yellow fever) last week went to be with the Lord.

In Christ's Majestic Love,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell and for Rev. Hugo Cheng


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