Pray BFF #123

March 14, 2008

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Dear Prayer Team,

Encouragement - How pleasant!

NationsWe have recently been very encouraged by the numerous letters telling us how God is working in people's lives. We do ask you to join us in praying for 7,000 pages to be read each day by the end of 2008. But we want more. We want God to stir the hearts of readers from around the world and bring revival.

Seeking peace

One couple spent a month working through the Overcoming Anxieties: Discovering God's Peace seminar. Here is their monthly assessment.

We both thought that the month of February has been one of the best in our time together as husband and wife. We experienced unusual peace and calmness whilst at the same time making progress with many aspects of our relationship. It was great indeed. Thank you very much for the material -which both of us thought was absolutely brilliant.

Seeking Help

I have been a "Christian" for nearly 40 years and have never been able to live as I should. I am now 50 years old and have prayed and prayed for God to take control. I am concerned he has given up on me. Through some of the stuff I am reading here on your web site I am starting to understand why I have never been able to live like a Christian. I have allowed all the temptations around me and my own sinful nature to control how I've lived my life, in sin. I DO NOT want all this quilt to continue to control me, can you help me to overcome the guilt? I also do not want my children to go through life as I have, feeling defeated and of course guilty. I have always thought when I stand before the judgement seat the only thing I have to stand on is the fact that I have been baptized and have never been ashamed of Jesus Christ. No matter what bar or party I was at when religion came up I have always stood on Christ's side. But I know that’s not enough and I want to be what our Creator meant for me to be. I could continue but I don't want to write you a book

God at Work

We are getting more and more requests for BFF materials such as the Premarital Counseling materials or the Godly Man. Often people download them but when they want a printed copy or request permission to use them, they often contact us directly. One such request was from a lady who will be speaking largely to pastor's wives in Nigeria (where I will be going in May).

She asked permission to give the BFF Library to them as a gift. The thirteen "Celebrate Jesus Festivals" will involve from 200-300 women each. We were glad to cooperate and at the same time to update our free BFF Library for them.

Thanks to God

Praise God the PA non-profit approval finally came through.

Grace for being able to write numerous articles in these past weeks.

We just passed the last stage of production for the book "Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting"!

Sent in the visa application for Nigeria.

Paul has worked through the many regular tax documents for the government.

Requests to God

Pray for blessing on the readers seeking revival.

Saturday (Mar 15) has a special 5 hour workshop training sessions for those interested in ministry.

Seven remaining Tuesday evenings of a parenting class at church.

Blessing on an upcoming Next Step retreat in May (from Chinese Mission Conference).

Sunday (Mar 16) preaching on missions.

Preparations for Nigeria in early May.

Learning how to use a microphone to advance the teaching of His Word.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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