Pray BFF #118

December 3, 2007

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Dear Prayer Team,

Time Changes

The clock is turning

I have become accustomed to an annual calendar of events for BFF. On certain months certain events take place. The sense of timing comes from plans for trips abroad. In the months leading up to a trip I develop and prepare to speak on new material. It is a massive undertaking. This year it was a marriage seminar for Christian leaders. People from this place and that, tell me that this is so desperately needed. After my return, I usually spend time collating, writing and editing that same material so others can read and hear the different materials. Due to many other factors, plus the added element of audio editing and holding 3 different kinds of seminars, I am quite behind. People gently remind me that they are still waiting for the Libraries with the audio mp3s.

Usually in the early months of the year I have time to pray for what will happen in the coming year. This is changing. I need to constantly be alert to what God might have. I have agreed to speak in Nigeria in early May on the Godly Man series. I have written nearly 400 pages on this topic but have not yet spoken on it. Having witnessed the void of godly character in various countries including America, this is a key time to reformat the material. God uses these opportunities (through deadlines) to help me shape the material into different formats so that it can be more widely and powerfully used in the lives of His people around the world.

So this December I found myself finishing up recent projects while preparing to get new ones underway. Meanwhile some older important projects like the counseling book is still not quite done. Usually, December is when I grab a few moments to do this. Well, December has come! The annual clock for BFF has shifted. I do not understand its pattern. I need faith to wait upon the Lord.

Amswered Prayers

God has enabled us to get a number of miscellaneous things done such as passport renewal application, send in the broken stapler to be fixed (it can be quite mundane), changing accounts, updating the BFF store's buttons, etc.

Many of these things had to be done due to the final incorporation of Biblical Foundations for Freedom, Inc. in PA on November 1. So much paperwork. And more to come. Even more monumental is the mailing of the 501(c)(3) application. I attempted to fill in this complicated federal application several times in the past years. I just got too bogged down. But now, it (and the burden) is gone from my desk. Praise the Lord!


Around Thanksgiving, I received an email reminding me of BFF's larger focus: bringing renewal through the impact of God's Word upon the lives of people around the world. Sometimes the demands of the immediate process clouds the vision, and we can forget where we are going. That is the way we get lost!

So I appreciate an occasional reminder from the Lord. In this case, an email from a brother from somewhere around the world reminded me.

Paul, let us pray that God will send forth His Word with power and conviction, and that it will be confirmed with signs and wonders so that a doubting America will believe and join in the revival being seen in the southern hemisphere all around the world.

Thanks to God

1023 federal application sent in!

Discernment for the trip for Nigeria.

Being able to finish many odd jobs related to incorporating as a nonprofit.

A second church officially adopted us as their mission support!

Finished house jobs before winter (God extended the fall!).

Good health in our family despite much sickness all around.

We passed 1,000,000 pages viewed on the BFF website sometime in November despite the huge setback in October due to Google's severe action of removing us from their search engine.

Requests to God

Focus on finish (sometimes starting) editing different projects. I hope to collate and edit the audios and written material for one of the seminars this week: Bishop Makawa and the churches (ten sessions).

More volunteer help for editing audio, visual podcasts and written materials.

Distance counseling/advice (marital, holding discipleship seminars, etc.) via email. Pray especially for J&B that God would restore their marriage!

Pray for renewal through God's Word through our web materials. Marriages and families are suffering around the world. God has the answer! God wants to help them!

Wisdom to discern the big picture that God has for BFF.

Preaching on the family next Sunday (December 9th).

Safe travel to Philadelphia this week for final planning of a huge inter-church mission conference at the end of this year. Our responsibility is to help follow up those committing themselves to missions.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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