Pray BFF #103

January 10, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,

The BFF Vision

Biblical Foundations for Freedom exists to glorify God by enabling His truth to renew His people around the world. The goal is to finish the Great Commission very soon. There are two particular burdens that drive this ministry:

(1) Worldwide renewal through God's Word

We are absolutely delighted by the vast number of articles and presentations that the Lord has given over the past 6 years. BFF supplies two general kinds of training material.

-1- Biblical articles. This is a somewhat crystalized idea of the 'The Bible Teacher's Commentary.' The goal is to present the Scriptures in such a way that they change our hearts, minds, beliefs and actions so they will be lived out.

-2- Relevant topical articles. Strategic articles on specific subjects poised to change and renew by releasing His truth into His people's lives.

The neat part is to see how God's Word, through BFF, is reaching so many people all over the world every day! We had over 340,000 people (called unique visitors) visit the website last year. This does not include many others who are touched through the Libraries, literature and other means. This number may increase this year as we expect the documentary on Biblical Parenting to be shown on television in the UK (channel 5). The Biblical Parenting for Toddlers may be broadcast on FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Corporation) in Chinese.

(2) Renewing and equipping Christian leaders worldwide

I never imagined that God would provide a means to reach what He had put on my heart a long time ago-the training of leaders. I still remember making plans for my sabbatical from church in the mid-nineties. God put on my heart to research the training of Christian leaders during revival periods. As a result, I have had an increasing burden to provide training for leaders. But who am I? I have no Ph.D. But God works through the weak and fragile (I qualify for that!).

By God's grace a number of training materials to equip leaders as well as materials to help them train others have been developed. Three full-fledged training seminars have been established along with a comprehensive view of each level of training. Many have found this helpful.

We have trained leaders in local seminars as well as overseas in India. It seems that this ministry will expand. Paul doesn't like traveling to unfamiliar places, but God "volunteers" him.

A pastor in India recently wrote,

"Hope you remember me. I first met you at Viz's BFF Biblical classes. Then at Pal. and Ray. I felt and enjoyed the presence of His Spirit in your teachings. Too good. We remember you in our daily personal and congregational prayers."

This ministry succeeds because of people like him and like you who are pleading for more glory to be given to God as His people change through the proclamation of His truth. Thank you for your prayers in 2006. May you be encouraged to pray fervently through 2007.

Remember your brothers and sisters in China, Africa, South America, Philippines, India and elsewhere. Your prayers are for them. Your prayers create a worldwide impact of God's Word. We challenge you to choose a country and pray for impact in that country through BFF. Let me know and I will pray with you and send a report at the end of the year. You have made a great difference. Your prayers will continue to make an impact until the Lord returns.

Thanks to God

Thank the Lord for healing our family.

Encouraging reports on how God is using BFF materials in the lives of His people, Christian leaders included.

Good email 'talk' with Indian embassy about visas.

Editing continues though a bit slower. The end is in sight.

Messages on Ecclesiastes and Luke have been added to the web.

Requests to God

Continued grace for Paul as he works on writing and editing. Needs concentration and endurance.

Paul is trying to discern how to answer calls to speak from Ghana, Nigeria (2), Egpyt, Malawi and other places. Since these are poor countries, they are pay as you go opportunities.

God's hand on the future of BFF.

That God would allow the documentary to be shown at the right time. Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the nation.
For grace to handle the extra pressure of figuring out finances this time of year. I'd rather write and edit!

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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