Pray BFF #86                                  January 25th, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,

Going For  A Million Pages Read!

What are your goals for the year? One goal BFF has for this year is to have people read a million BFF web pages. We are not speaking about hits. We had over 5 million hits last year. We are concerned with how many pages actually come before the people's eyes. Most people that come to our pages are looking for help in some area of life or for specialized training.  People come because they want to read what God says through His Word about the issues of life. One recent email captures what we are trying to do.

Dear Rev Bucknell:
You have got a great ministry going - not only to Christians in general but Christians workers eg pastors, teachers, etc. who need the kind of materials you make available on your website.
While you do not know us, can you include us in your prayers this week?  We are a home church in Sydney.
In His Grace,
Ptr Sonny 

Let's pray for Pastor Sonny and his home church in Sydney.

Guidance and Plans

We are excited about the potential developments for this year. They are rather daunting as always. I am getting used to the methods God uses to deepen our dependency on Him. May my heart never drift from depending upon Him. Skills can be dangerous because we forget God's grace that enabled us to gain the skills in the first place.

First of all, I should say that we are glad to announce the engagement of Christy to Elias del Real. Pray for their wedding plans. Although this is a personal request, such events seem to have effects on my ministry–such as losing one editor (my wife). Linda is 'lost' in wedding plans. I thought it was our daughter's wedding but her mind seems to think otherwise!

We are still trying to work through the best way to print our books. Several have suggested getting our own binding equipment and paper cutting machines instead of out sourcing the work. This makes sense in some ways, but it still remains another thing to look into. (If you have any experience in this area let me know!) For example, we have three parenting books: three different languages. There are plenty of other materials that could be soon to print in official book form. The set up costs for out sourcing is expensive. By doing it on our own, we can more readily help supply needy ministries overseas. These are the books Bible colleges and churches should have available.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

We are very thankful for a new volunteer editor!

Very thankful for the hope of a great son-in-law.

We love these warm winter days.  Savings and fun for all! (Actually work for Paul: he has been fetching, chopping and splitting wood with the boys!)

Paul has made steady progress on editing one book.

Several people were moved at Paul's last sermons and training class.

The transfer to another service for our website is going okay (better options for less cost). If this letter comes irregularly, you know the reason!

Pray for God's blessing for Pastor Sonny in Sydney as the home church grows. 

The multi-media production is dragging. Pray on!!!

Continue to pray for persistence in Paul's rough editing of a book. It is very tedious work.

Pastor Stephen appreciates prayer for his new church building and provision for his evangelism/mission plans. The dedication ceremony went well. He is praying for provision for a vehicle.

Lots of prayers needed for planning seminars, upcoming seminars and significant decisions for printing and use of time.

Looks like the rest of the documentary for BCC will be filmed in March. We need prayer that God will somehow use this for His great purposes.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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