Pray BFF #82                                  October 27th, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Back at work!

Thanks for  all your prayers. Paul is back to his regular work schedule. He has finished writing two series since  returning home. Both were related to the Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) used in India:
     (1) The Making of a Godly Man (from Isaiah 53)  { 60 standard pages}
     (2) Facing the Tests of Life (from Job)   { 28 standard pages}

Both series are now on the web. We hope that they will enable other Christian leaders to better train others. Most training today separates the study of God's Word from the application to our lives. Biblical Foundations for Freedom seeks to make God's Word applicable to life-even the heavy doctrines that we sometimes meet up with. Sign up for new series of BFF articles.

Upsurge of Interest

We are encouraged by the recent  increase in readership level. Recently,we hit a high of over 5700 pages being viewed in one day. This is double our typical readership. Of course with holidays coming people get busy, but people also face more problems. Last December was, in fact, our highest readership up until now with 88,647 page views for the month.

Praise God. We even discovered someone's web search for BFF's parenting course in Spanish. See the Spanish web search results below.

nombres biblicos para bebes en espanol

We are grateful that more Chinese Christians, churches and organizations are putting the BFF Chinese parenting series as a link to their web page. God's principles are cross cultural. They work for all mankind.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Thank the Lord for the two series that were added to the website in the past two weeks.

Family is doing much better. Thanks!

Made significant progress into learning more about video/Library/VCD formats.

Although finances are tight, we thank the Lord for a few extra gifts that made a significant difference for our family.

_____Other Requests________

One Brazilian couple has been greatly helped by BFF's materials to the point that they sensed a clearer leading of God and have started a church. Pray for Moses and Eron. They have already moved from their 12th story place into the poor area where there are many children. 

Paul is speaking Sunday (October 30) at the north Chinese church.

Pastor Stephen in India is asking help for architectural plans for a church building that he hopes built. They have no  building of their own right now. We would like to help but this is not Paul's speciality. Pray on!

Paul is working on learning about movie, slideshows, photos on different formats, platforms, sizes, programs, etc. for different countries. It is like plowing a field with a table fork!  Much more study is ahead.

The family documentary is still a possibility. It was passed at one level since our last letter and now has been passed on to the film programming director for what seems to be a final decision. Our prayer is that God would miraculously raise up a testimony for the power and love of God in Biblical parenting that will strengthen Christian parents and cause many to seek the Lord for His 'freedom' truth.

We need volunteer editorial help. Linda can't keep up with the many pages being written. 

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Write to Paul with your comments:

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