Pray BFF #76                                  July 26, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Pressing On

Life never stays still here at BFF. Paul and his computer handle almost every aspect of this web and training ministry.

Praise God ! The final edition of the all the new Cross Training (CT) discipleship material is now viewable on the web. Each of the twelve booklets takes up 7 web pages plus about 16 specially-designed and formated graphics. Adding a number of other CT coordinating and instructive web pages, about 90 new web pages and over 225 graphics have been created just for this series. (These are differently formatted than the other Cross Training files ). You can see why Paul heaved a sigh of relief when it was finished! He has one  last 40-page reference guide that he has almost finished.

This whole new approach to discipleship training came from the Lord several years ago. It partly sprung from new concepts that Paul observed in the parent-child relationship while teaching on parenting. A year later Paul finally was able to gather together a group who were interested in discipleship. We had a lot of fun better understanding discipleship and then each small group worked on one concept. Praise God for making His Word available around the world!

Update on India 2005 Trip

  • Praise God! Paul's visa arrived in the mail today!
  • Praise God! Keng (brother in the church) can accompany Paul to India!
  • Praise God! $1,000 more came in for our India seminars.

We are working steadily on the 15 messages for each seminar. Fortunately they can be used several times and later be put on the web for others to use. Good progress has been made but lots of work still lies ahead.

If you didn't download the special India 2005 report from the last letter, here it is again. We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for $1,000. for the trip.

Thank the Lord the visa for India came.

Only God could have arranged for Keng to be able to get 3 weeks off from his job for this trip. Praise God!

The Cross Training weekly classes have been going great.

The web pages for Cross Training are completed!

A pastor just called ordering our Library. He said he has been very encouraged with our marriage material. He said it probably is the best material on resolving marital conflict. Praise the Lord for His grace!

The two messages on the 17th and 24th went well. You can listen to them from the web.

Keng has much to do to get ready for the trip. Pray that he can get his US passport and visa quickly.

Please pray for financial support for the 4 India pastor seminars to come in sooner rather than later this year.

The Cross Training material will find new avenues into hearts with God’s truths. Pray as Paul teaches week by week for July and August.  

Paul will use half days during his vacation to pray and prepare for India. Pray for safety traveling.

Pray for 2 or 3 other churches to join in this vision of training pastors and support this team to India.

Keep praying for Pastor Stephen and his wife during this very busy time when he coordinates things there in India.

We are trying to squeeze four 3-day seminars in but not sure we can do it including traveling days. Pray for a good, helpful travel agent in Singapore.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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