Pray BFF #60                                  July 12, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

The Hard Side of Delight

One of the most loved but hardest aspects of this ministry has been ‘living by faith.’  Some people say it is great. It is. There is nothing quite so motivating to seek the Lord’s face as well as rewarding to find Him close by. We are no longer surprised when we run up against ‘red alert’ times where a special miracle is needed, nor are we surpised to see the miracle happen. Last week not only did we not have a way to pay our upcoming bills but our van broke down costing over $1,000 in repairs. But the money came in just at the right time. As a result we found God to be close and another half inch of faith granted to us.

But we must admit it is hard having no boundary (popular concept of the need to have a cushion between being comfortable and desperate). A tiny adjustment here or there, and we quickly become desperate before the Lord. It is also hard having our lives entwined in the ministry (another misnomer that a good ministry is separated from your personal lives as leaders). We cannot separate ourselves from the wear and tear of what God is doing. We sometimes think and pray real hard whether or not we have chosen the right path but then we look at the fruit and know that the Lord is in it.

One Christian from Cameroon, Africa recently wrote,

i am in church planting i have been using your teachings on discipleship and i must confess , they have been very effective in my ministry.

i wanted to ask if i can have more favour from you. i need more of your teachings on MENTORSHIP TRAINING, NEW CONVERT DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING.

i will be very grateful


Grand Appreciation

We also have a deep appreciation for those through whom the Lord does provide. God has greatly encouraged us by our consistent donors. Sometimes their life situations change and so does their giving. This is all of the Lord. We appreciate one family who has been giving $50 dollars a month from the beginning.  Sometimes that is all we have received from BFF donations. This minstry stands as a testimony of God is doing something great from something very little.


Converting the Overcoming Anxiety seminar to printed format was like rebuilding my van engine, a very time-consumng project.  It is finally finished. The numerous slides and graphics took a lot of time. I now realize how long that series is! Some have suggested publishing it in book form. I can see why with all of its 450 pages.   

God is training our hearts as well as getting the material to others. After the reformat was finished, it would not print out. Paul found a solution, but needed to go back through and redo all the 100+ slide graphics. But praise God it now prints .

 We greatly appreciate your prayers for our us. Please do keep actively praying for faith, love and patience as we serve His people all over the world.


Trip to India

Paul plans to go to India in late September via a short trip through Singapore. Please pray for Pastor Stephen and his wife Tanuja. They just had a baby boy, but she will be laid up in the hospital for around 8 days.

Download the full scoop on Paul's India trip:

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for the special work of God in the group of twenty on parenting - many of them were non-Christians. (It was here our van broke down after class so that our family didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. God really helped our children though).

It is great to see people respond to the Building a Great Marriage series. Many individuals are sharing their positive responses with us.

Praise God for 1/7th of the need for the India trip has come in.

Praise God our family is better (except two boys have poison ivy).

Thankful for the recent miracle that keeps us floating in this sometimes rough sea.

Praise God that the Overcoming Anxiety seminar has been reformated into printable form.

Keep praying for the Building a Great Marriage series. We have had four classes. Paul had a break from speaking in Chinese for one week and really felt the impact.

Friday (7/23) Paul and Linda will again be speaking to that same small group on parenting.

Healing and strength for Pastor Stephen's wife (in the hospital right now) and the recent birth of their son.

Faith in our Lord through all the training sessions He has for us!

The Lord's anointing for upcoming articles and speaking engagements.

Guidance for ministry in the fall.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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