Pray BFF #55                                  March 17, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

The Race is on!

After a good, safe trip to visit Paul's parents, we have been plunged into a very demanding schedule. Last year we developed a parenting course for toddlers and up. We just managed to get by thanks to the grace of God. Now we are preparing for and teaching two new seminars! What's involved in a week's work?

We start in prayer far before the classes begin. With this foundation laid, Paul writes the main reading material, generally about ten pages long. He revises it several times. Lately, by answer to prayer, Linda has been able to find time to edit the material on the computer. Each class has a 3-5 page handout. Overhead slides need to be readied for the marriage class. Because of the intensive use of graphics, they must be reformatted numerous times for the different layouts. After this comes the web formatting which requires a lot of tinkering and reformatting of graphics.

We have taken all of this to a new level in the "Building a Great Marriage!" series by video taping it. Paul in his spare time is trying to actually make a movie of each lesson. We definitely feel our inadequacies and limitations. Only God can help us manage this schedule. We are desperate for His help and greatly appreciate your prayers.

Fall Training

This fall Paul will be doing some training away from home. There is a US-based training center that he is planning to teach at in the late fall. Before this, however, is a demanding trip to India. Paul has never been there before but in response to Pastor Stephen's many requests, he finally has agreed to go.

Paul has been asked to conduct leadership seminars in a number of cities. This is very exciting. He has a special burden to give each pastor/evangelist a packet of BFF materials. Many pastors have contacted Paul wanting all kinds of materials from tracts to books. This seems to be a real need. They have scanty resources to buy their own materials. If we spent US$5 making this packet available for 500 ministers, that would be $2,500! One thing God has given us is lots of resources to print out. Praise God for an opportunity to share them with those who don't have computers.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

The "Building a Great Marriage" series has started off well with good attendance and participation. We have seen the Holy Spirit working in lives.

We are thankful for the increasing number of people reading BFF web materials each day. Averaging about 650 people coming to the BFF website every day!

We were so thankful to come home and see that our two older daughters thoroughly cleaned numerous places throughout the house.

Praise for strength, desire and stamina to prepare materials and teach several times a week!

We are thankful for many more speaking/training opportunities.

Paul is so thankful for such a special wife!

We are absolutely humbled by God's good hand in allowing us to be part of His work.

The marriage class meets most Sunday mornings at 11:30. Our prayer is that God would build great marriages!

Most every Friday night we lead the Godly Beginnings for the Family, a parenting class for new parents. May God give each parent a sound biblical start!

Pray for preparation for going to India: dates, possible team members, development of packets, budget and provision.

Paul hopes to come out with the BFF Library soon. This Library will be filled with resources on all sorts of subjects that can be put right on one's own computer.

A number of children have colds. This number changes every day!

Paul will be preaching on a few upcoming Sunday mornings (3/21; 4/4).

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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