Pray BFF#47                                                                               July 26, 2003
Dear Prayer Team,

Experiment in Materials Development

In some ways everything going on in BFF is an experiment. The web is a relatively new and fast changing media. A little over two years ago, Paul developed his first web page! Our plan to gather a group of Christians together to develop a basic discipleship curriculum is a special experiment.

When Paul shared the concept of team development, people didn't seem to understand why he simply coudn't do it by himself. He could. Getting a team together isn't easy. He has spent a lot of time developing proper training material just for the team. Again and again he refines it so that everyone knows why and how to create the curriculum.

Let's slow down and summarize what has happened up until now.

More than a year ago Paul had an idea about developing a new basic discipleship series that would address many problems Christians face in our fast changing world culture. Our 'spiritual' children are facing problems today because they are not being 'brought up' right. A basic discipleship course would provide training for new Christians to start them off on the right track.

BFF has series on all sorts of topics. The difference between this one, besides the topic, would be the way it was developed. We would do this project together. There were several advantages for this:

• God wants to share the eternal reward. As people benefit from the material, God would add to the whole team's eternal inheritance.

• God wants to train others. Most people do not understand what discipleship for a new believer is. We are going to address some hard questions next week. Here are two thought questions that need to be answered.

      - What does a new believer need to learn?
      - Why are these things important for a new believer?

• Together we will have fun and do a better job than if just one person did it on his own. Each person is rich in gifts, ideas and ingenuity. We will depend on the Head, our Savior Christ Jesus, to bring together the final project.

Paul did try to get this project off the ground before but without success. Wrong timing. We will begin this coming Monday with few or many helpers. We have five people that are coming. We hope to meet five times in both large and small groups.

We are glad for an abounding measure of God-given hope that this experiment can work out! Later on we will fill you in on the progess of this exciting material for the world.

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Paul's Dad's wife passed away last Sunday. She just stopped swallowing. We are so thankful for Dad's faithful example in caring for her fulltime over these last years in her Alzheimer's condition. One reason Paul left the pastorate was to be available to help out his Dad.

Praise God for extra daily wisdom for preparing materials for the Basic Discipleship training coming up. Understanding of the basic discipleship level seemed to progress very easily.

The series on the Bible's reliability, "Origins of the Bible," has received a lot of page views. Since its introduction a few weeks ago, we have had 98 people looking at the page on canonization, 68 on the origin of the scriptures.

Thanks for protection for Paul as he works the 3rd story gutters and 40 foot high chimney! His legs were shaking pretty bad at some points!

People have been reading more BFF materials lately, averaging about 800 pages a day.

A brother is willing to work with Paul in getting non-profit State status.

Pray for blessing on the training and development of a basic discipleship curriculum. Pray that it is widely used and deeply blessed. (July 28-Aug 2nd)

- God would bring the right team members together.

- His special anointing on us.

- Wisdom and patience as we work together.

Paul is preaching on discipleship August 3rd.

Pastor Stephen in India is having a prayer and fasting meeting on July 28th for a certain district.

Wisdom in developing a series on 'Deep Magic.' The section on demons still needs to be finished.

The Library project hasn't gone away but little time has been given to it of late.

Pray as Paul and Linda seek God's wisdom, provision, protection and guidance during these times of change.

Still need volunteer editors for BFF materials.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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