Pray BFF#44                                             June 2, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Wobbling Forward

Our van is home from the repair shop! We are thankful that the brakes work, the steering is repaired , and the body looks like new. Only we noticed that the van vibrates and trembles when any demand is put on the engine. Should I accept this as normal? No. In fact, in a few minutes I plan to call the car shop to see what must be done about it.

A little wobble is okay right?As I thought about this situation, I realized that many of us have tolerated a wobble in our own Christian lives. We know it is not normal, but we can't figure a way to solve the problem and just stop growing in that area. Whenever we are convicted and excited by the Lord, we are like my van when it speeds up. But we are instantly reminded from the 'vibration' that something is not normal. Every time we attempt to move forward in our Christian lives, we have to slow down again.

BFF specializes in creating "victory" materials. We identify these wobbles and then train others how to eliminate them. Whether it be fears, lusts, anger, worries, dullness, lying, problems in marriages, difficulty raising children, wrong doctrine, sexual hangups, lack of spiritual disciplines, etc, we have brought the power of God's truth to the lives of God's people.

As long as we tolerate a little sin in our lives, then we will not experience the power of God. We know that when the going gets rough, we will run into these problems again and again. Many Christians don't know the power of God in their lives. May we zealously pray for revival in general but also specifically for those that go to the website. 475 people visited the website on June 1st. May they really encounter the Lord Himself.

5, 3,2,1 BFF Prayers

I have been praying for 5,3,2,1 lately. If you forget all other prayer requests, just remember 5,3,2,1.

  • 5 for $5,000 monthly (far short).
  • 3 for 3 training institutes using BFF materials ( 1 so far).
  • 2 for 2,000 BFF web pages viewed each day ( not half way there yet).
  • 1 for 100,000 godly leaders to be raised up around the world ( We have begun).

I try not to let the small start trouble me. After all, my name 'Paul' means little. God specializes in using a little to produce much, that He would be glorified ( ie: small mustard seed). We only need to persevere in faith and prayer. God will accomplish His great purposes by His strength.

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

The Parenting Class and the demanding development of a curriculum is finished. Parents have been changed, even revitalized. Praise Him!

We are thankful that the insurance company has covered all the costs for fixing the van including a rental so far.

The Genesis Sunday School class is over and has been very helpful to the students.

Praise God Elizabeth is now home and graduated!

We are grateful for the 22,000+ pageviews for the month of May.

Pastor Stephen in India has received money for a computer.

The Lord greatly helped Linda when Paul was away for a few days.

Paul is fine tuning a set of specialized training material for ADT (Advanced Discipleship Training). He needs wisdom, insight and perseverance.

On the agenda is the development of THE FLOW, a training concept for Christians and churches.

Trying to discern whether we should now work on the 'relational' discipleship course. My hope is that a volunteer team can work on it together.

Persevering faith and understanding of what low income might mean for BFF. Is the Lord training us further in faith? Is this a crisis before a breakthrough into the area of leadership training? Is this the time to shift ministry?

BFF has contacted another foundation.

Review 5,3,2,1!

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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