Pray BFF#37                                            January 6, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Advance through Prayers

After sending off our last letter, we received news that the church in India (Life Shine Ministry) started their discipleship training course. Keep praying. May God enable them to translate and use BFF's materials to train their people to reach out further. Another church in the same province is also interested in translating the material.

Sorry we missed out on a prayer letter. We have had several bouts of sickness going through the family over the last couple weeks. We think we are over it and then someone else comes down with something else.

Looking ahead

We are so excited about the Materials, Vision and Training opportunities the Lord has in store for us this year. Much progress has been made regarding parenting materials. Today, Paul wrote part of a long article on developing self-control in children with great insight from Linda.

Paul is having a grand time co-teaching Sunday School with two brothers. They spend time preparing the materials together and then each will teach different lessons. You might be interested in looking at the syllabus or even joining in on the class via the web.

Big Events

Paul just experienced his greatest event of the new year. He helped raise a snowman from the dead (pictures only on web). Visit our family by reading our Christmas newsletter.

The dead snowman.

Alive by the help of two of his children.

Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

We are thankful that BFF's goals for 2003 are shaping up.

Praise God! The computer got a new hard drive installed in only a week's time. It was fully covered by warranty.

Thank the Lord that BFF has survived through a rather severe financial testing over the last 5 months. We really sensed God's hand of peace on our lives.

We are thankful that most of our family is physically better.

Praise God for the renewal that is occuring in our church (PCCO).

Thanks for amazing inspiration from the Lord to write material for the web.

Continue to seek God's wisdom and faith for development and clarity for BFF's materials, vision and training in this new year.

We are praying that God would give us 1000 pageviews per day by the end of 2003. This is double what we reached last year.

Grace and wisdom for developing materials for the Parenting series and Genesis class.

Keep praying for Pastor Stephen who asks prayer for the 16 people he is training.

Sickness in the family continues. Please keep praying.

Extraordinary grace upon the three teachers of Genesis.

Our church needs to commit to more steady prayer. We are praying for a significant movement of people to the Lord (200 converts) this year.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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