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Samaritan Ministries

One Great Health Care Alternative
Samaritan Ministries

With our personal testimony!

We want to share with you about a health care alternative that we have personally used as a family for over fifteen years now. (Our family has largely grown up since the picture below but still use Samaritian Ministries.)

The Bucknell family

Bucknells in 2003

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Health insurance prices are escalating out of people's reach. Here is an alternative way that utilizes God's love to care for His people. You need to be a Christian to participate because it is God's family network. They will request a recommendation from your pastor. Remember that this is not your typical health insurance program but it is much, much less expensive. Here is how it works.

Each family or individual pays a reasonable administration fee. Each month you receive a letter regarding one Samaritan Ministries member's need. The family is asked to send the same amount each month to whatever person Samaritan Ministries notifies you. Hopefully, you will also pray for that person and maybe even send a little note along. Most months the person in need will receive full payment for their needs through many different families' contributions. The new Basic plan has a $1,500 deductible while the Classic plan $300 deductible.

God wonderfully helped us when my wife gave birth to our eighth child. Finances were extremely tight (that is an understatement!). Since we were in the program only a short time, we could only get a percentage of the birth costs. I tried to talk with those in charge at the clinic to bring down the price but was only a little successful. However, one Samaritan Ministries administrator on his own called the midwife clinic and helped bring the price down a great deal. We thank the Lord for His special and wonderful ways of providing. That person called us the night before Thanksgiving to pass on the great news. That is God's love program actively at work!

This program doesn't pay for regular medications or routine costs, but it does care for serious health needs. If you want to look more into Samaritan Ministries, click on the graphic below. We also want to be upfront with you about our perks. If you decide to join via this reference, mention my name, Paul Bucknell, on the application at the reference spot, and we will get $100 off one the following monthly giving. Samaritan Ministries recognizes that the more people involved, the easier it is to cover the needs.

Samaritan Ministries website has lots more information but if you have any more personal questions, do let us know (my email below). The most exciting part is being able to strategically use our resources to help our brothers and sisters in real need. This programhas has a USA legal exemption from Obamacare, and I believe is open to those around the world.

Samaritan Ministries

Click on the above graphic for more information or on Samaritan Ministries.

Paul and Linda Bucknell

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